Sunday Selfies Time…A Week Goes By Quickly!

Yup, it sure did fly right by! Even though we here in Michigan are now in a stay at home/shelter in place modes…we cannot go out except to go to essential work, like what petcretary does, or food service workers, and pharmacies. Also gas stations and car repair places may work. So petcretary had an oil change…but her hair appointment had to be cancelled…so by the time beauty salons/barber shops may reopen, there will be a lot of shaggy peeps around these parts, Petcretary included. She has fairly short hair, but she may need pigtails, soon, MOL!!

We have been able to get the necessary things, no hoarding needed, Sheesh, but the shelves are still devoid of many items, such as peanut butter, and flour.

She is still able to go to work…but we are still on major lockdown in there, to keep that nasty invisible threat out of there.

We now have many positive cases of this viral sickness in our county…so far we do not know of any peeps ourselves.

Lots of peeps out walking on nice days…with or without doggies. Lots of families playing games in their yards, too. Things we have not seen for a long time! Maybe family members will learn how to reconnect with eachother in ways not related to technology, though having it is a blessing, because we CAN visit with one another this way, with or without face to face; Skype, video conferencing, Zoom, etc.)Well on one nice day, we pups and petcretary were out on our yard…so the old iPhone5 was in her pocket too…

Hi, Petcretary, are we ready to go inside yet??


Hi! Um…you think it was I who dug that big hole by the tree?? Well, um…the dirt on my schnooter gives me away huh…sheesh!




The first delicate crocuses came up and bloomed! Hooray for Spring!
Pipo said…just give my furends a flashback, to I can bask in the sunbeams…well, now, that was silly, said petcretary…its very rainy out there, but flashbacks are OK, if you do not want a new one of your handsome self…

Last week, (March17th), petcretary did the Tuesday Teaser, and she was the first and only right guesser. She forgot to put in our post, so here it is now, belatedly.

This is a picture, taken in Stuttgart Germany.

Thanks,Charles (Chuck) Huss of BADCATCHRIS!!   

for sending it to Teddy to use to tease us!

Here is the Badge I got for guessing correctly, and the only right guesser at that! Hooray!

I was the First and ONLY Right Guesser on the Teaser of March 17, 2020 !!

Thanks Teddy and Miss Pam! We love your teasers, though we are hardly ever the first there for anything, BOL/MOL!

Here a link to that post if you want to check it out and all the un that goes with it!

2020/03/17/ Tuesday Teaser St Patricks Day

We  made memorial cards for some sweet kitties…

Miss Dottie. Not sure why, but I see no comments on the post where her mom let us know about Miss Dottie. Maybe you can send her some comforting purrs, that would be nice for her.

Miss Dottie


We’ve joined the Sunday Selfie Blog Hop, and you can too…at the Kitties Blue who thoughtfully and faithfully host this fun hop each week. Thanks!!

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7 thoughts on “Sunday Selfies Time…A Week Goes By Quickly!

  1. Great selfies from all. Congrats on being the only right guesser- that is tough to do. My mom usually gets her hair teased once a week so she is going to have to resort to a wig soon. Praying you and your family stay healthy. XO

  2. Great selfies, gang! We’re glad you could get out and enjoy some fresh air, and your flowers are beautiful!
    Congrats on getting the teaser…I think I got first right guesser once, but mostly I don’t know where anything is, LOL, so I eventually gave up!
    Jan, Wag ‘n Woof Pets

  3. Cooncatulations for being a right guesser ! Your flowers are beautiful, and so are your selfies ! Purrs

  4. Furabuluss post Dalton an Benji! Ferstly let mee mee-yow all yore Selfiess are lovelee. Pipo yore hansum as all wayss…so-o hansum.
    Youss’ have such purrty flowerss. Our Snowdropss are all droopy an not foto worthy at this point….
    LadyMew an mee sit out on patio when it iss warm enuff (or not rainin!)
    Petcretary pleese bee carefull an safe. Wee purray fore you nitely. Wee have herd that sum of Michigan iss inn a turribell way with Corona…..wee have 7 casess here with 1 recovred. An there may bee an 8th. LadyMew iss goin to have to shop early-er than shee planned as wee are beein told next 2-3 weekss will bee THE werst. Mee iss so wurried ’bout her!!! Pleese purray fore her OKay??
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

  5. I enjoyed the pictures! Congratulations on winning the teaser! “Europe” was as close as I could have guessed, lol. Sad to hear about Miss Dottie and Pearl.

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