Belated St Patrick’s Day Selfies

Well, the craziness of Covid19 continues…but somehow we are muddling through and keeping occupied as we try to do things that do not involve gathering with our friends and family members.

One day there is TP, and the next there is none…same with various other commodities…cleansing products and hand soap being even harder to find that TP, MOL!

Even at work, under lockdown, all the supplies they need are now under lock and key…petcretary was told they were being stolen. Sheesh. So far though this scourge has not hit our immediate county…and for sure not where *she* works, thankfully. (Update…there is now one confirmed person with Covid19 in our county, but not sure how close to our den he is…or where he might have been that petcretary and pawppy were at…sigh…).The stores around here have curtailed their hours, and
have made provision for special shopping hours for seniors, or even
those who serve the public, such as healthcare workers and first
responders. That means petcretary can go to all of them…she falls into
both brackets! MOL! She just better remember to get up early
enough…to shop at 7 or 8 am…and get first dibs on the things we
might need/want…like that ever elusive TP,  MOL/BOL!

We do not need any of that right now, because *she* did find some a few days ago,
and there was not even a crowd of grabbers near the shelves, Hah! (And
she only bought two packages though she could have gotten 4 or five…)

We got a note from the vet that he is only seeing emergencies or filling
scripts. Good thing we don’t need to go there until at least the end of
summer…and we hope and pawray that we will not need any urgent care.

We have plenty of doggy noms and treats, and all the kitty noms for Pipo
come from Chewy…our order shops next week, but we have plenty until it
arrives. Speaking of kitty noms, petcretary saw at the grocery store
that kitty food is also being rationed to prevent excessive
hoarding…gads, peeps are strange.

Meanwhile we can romp in our yard, dig big holes, (How the petcretary loves that; she takes her shovel and fills them up again and plants lots of red pepper seeds for
us to sniff next time…Blech!), and chase varmints…bark at  any
intruders, and go for long countryside walks…at least we pups and our
peeps can. And the peeps can catch up with yard work, and other
household chores…

Pipo watches all the outdoor goings on from his perch by the big picture window…and begs any two-legger who walks by for a good belly rub:)

OK, enough of all of that…here are the St Paddy’s day pics we made, that are somewhat
better than the ones we showed you last week:)

I, Dalton, am being ‘coy’!
The best you’re gonna get, Petcretary!
A Dapper Chap!
We hope you had a fine St Paddy’s day with a big pot of gold, BOL!
This is a fave of petcretary, taken in 2011…even back then Pipo was not always in ‘the mood’, MOL!!
You can visit all the other selfies in this blog hop by clicking this link…and we thank The Kitties Blue for faithfully hosting this hop each week!

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6 thoughts on “Belated St Patrick’s Day Selfies

  1. You look gorgeous in green ALL of you. I hope you have a peaceful and good time with your family and stay safe.

  2. Deerest Pipo you look so hansum inn ‘yore greenss’!! All wee want iss fore Corona to die a quik death so wee can ree-tern to normal….
    Dalton an Benji 2 more dappurr doggiess have wee efurr seen!!
    Seems efurryone with a house an garden iss goin out…..iss till too cold here to do anythin other than sit out fore a bit each day! Day 3 of self isolation an LadyMew iss a bit stir crazy, mew mew mew….
    Petcretary pleese bee carefull at werk! You are an ❤ angel ❤ to do yore job!!!
    Sendin lotss of ❤ an **purrss** BellaDharma an {{huggiess}} LadyMew

  3. Petcretary- you are doing the hard job and staying strong–we salute you and send our purrayers that you and yours stay well. We’re having the TP crisis too but there are still plenty of fresh fruits and veggies. Sending elbow “paw bonks” to every fur to stay safe. xoxo, Bibi & Meep

  4. all look great. I love that last one of Pipo. Praying you and your family stay healthy. And don’t run out of tp. XO

  5. Aw, you all look so sweet! These are crazy times indeed. I refuse to buy more than I need….but maybe just a little bit extra now, since they are making me worry about running out! Humans are crazy, right?
    Petcretary does important work and we thank her! My hubby is in the retail grocery sector (small local store) and he has been working quite hard, lots of extra hours, to keep things (meat, as he is a meat cutter) in supply for those that need them. The big stores run out so he does all he can to keep things available at his small store. Good people step up in times of need, and hopefully that balances out the bad people who take advantage of bad times!
    Jan, Wag ‘n Woof Pets

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