Early St Patrick’s Day Selfie Fails…

We all tried to thwart petcretary, to no avail, when she tried to make us Irish-y for a while…BOL/MOL!

We are not Irish, and not her either…so…we tried hard not to cooperate, tee-hee! She was rather vexed, but ah well, we did allow a *few* not too terrible ones, but we’ll save those until next week, when we will do a proper St Patty’s Day post…only…only by then it will be a post Patty’s Day post! Hah!

This Corona virus, aka Covid19, is becoming the thing of the century it seems. Empty shelves, rationing of various products to try to prevent hoarding so that peeps can all have *some* and closures of just about everything. No school, no church services, stay away from anywhere not necessary, stay home from work and do it at home if you are allowed and able to, no airflights to/from Europe and other places,  and so on. Even talk of closing borders and restricting all travel. No big parties over 100 – 250 peeps, depending on the venue…and on and on. Even at petcretary’s work, the doors are locked much earlier than usual, no visitors are allowed, unless a resident is on end of life care…and no group gatherings as with various in house activities. They are not even allowed to eat in the dining room right now. We are going to have a ton of peeps with cabin fever before long…

But, well we are trying to protect this most vulnerable part of the population…hopefully it will not be for TOO LONG…

‘Please Lord help all of us get through this with grace and patience, so we can be back to normal soon, and the rest of the world, too. Amen.’

We, in the land of Blogville, had to say goodby, yet again  to another sweet kitty, Arthur.
We are Sunday Selfie Hopping with all the others at The Kitties Blue!


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10 thoughts on “Early St Patrick’s Day Selfie Fails…

  1. Oh, your photos gave us such a chuckle this morning! We will have to wait and see if you gave petcretary any cooperation in the end! 🙂
    These are crazy times indeed. We hope this is all over with soon. A whole lot of people with cabin fever is not a good thing! Things are fairly normal around here….living in a rural area is a blessing for sure right now.
    Jan, Wag ‘n Woof Pets

    • Our den itself seems to be functioning at a normal level, except for pawppy being home all day, since his office is closed so he has to work from home.

  2. You may not be Irish, but you all wear green quite well. This virus is a scary thing. I hope it is under control soon and that those with it can survive. XO

  3. Mee-yow wow what a week Pipo an Dlaton an Benji!!! Wee all hunkerin down hopin Corona Virus givess our town a miss….it iss gettin closer efurry day 😦
    So let’ss look at yore beeuteefull Selfiess…..Pipo you made us MOL/LOL! You sorta look peeved but oh-so-hansum…
    Benji an Dalton you too make THE cutest *kissey eyess* efurr!!!
    **purrss** BellaDharma

    • Thanks, Bella Dharma!
      Stay safe and well, you and your LadyMew!

  4. You all look gorgeous as ever. Stay warm stay safe, crazy times indeed. Need to go outside and work off the itchy scratchies and then a good nap! xoxo, Bibi & Meep

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