Dr Seuss Day Selfies

We are a wee bit early but who cares!Its time to wear a hat

Not for warmth

Not for spiffy

Or for glam

Or Even Just Because!

We are in a hat

A very special hat

It came from:

The Cat In the Hat!


Cause the one and only

Dr Seuss

Is remembered

And honored

On his Birthday…

We can help

by donning that hat.

(Sorry *she* is no poet…MOL/BOL!)

(Actually we got this hat from Miss Ellen from 15&Meowing – Thanks once again!)

(FYI: Petcretary is feeling MUCH better!)

Sigh…she interrupted my wonderful sunpuddle for these hat pictures…
My ears! They don’t work too well with this hat!
At least it fits me:)
But, just give me the treat already!
Treats, please! We are done right?
Yup we did get them…and we ran outside so no more hat for us!
Happy Birthday, Dr Seuss! (March 2)
We had to say goodby to some good furends, you can visit them via the links provided if you have not done so already.
are hopping with all the others at The Kitties Blue who host this hop
so faithfully each week and we want to express our thanks to them for

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We are hopping along in the Aw Monday hop as well, because its Dr Seuss Day!

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10 thoughts on “Dr Seuss Day Selfies

  1. Great job with the Dr. Seuss hat, you guys! Some of you looked more annoyed by it than others, which doesn’t make sense since it’s supposed to be the CAT in the hat. LOL!
    Jan & the crew at Wag ‘n Woof Pets

    • *The Cat* around here is not impurressed by any kind of hat, MOL! Those doggies will do about anything for a treat!

  2. Mew mew mew Pipo you DO NOT look furry happy inn yore hat…..butt you are furry hansum inn it.
    Dalton yore cute an Benji you look furabuluss inn THE hat!
    Yore selfiess are all wayss so lovelee…..
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma
    Pee S: Iss that “Rushy” Rushton from Seville an ‘angel’ Nerissa’ss bloggie?? Furry sad 😦

  3. I am most impressed that all 3 of you kept the hat on for photos. I had a hard time getting my cats to wear theirs. Thanks for the shout out too. I was sad to see 2 more kitties pass. XO

    • Thanks!
      We pups are willing to do things with treats as payment…
      Pipo? Nah…he won’t even cooperate too well with NO costume or props…MOL!

      Yes, there seems to be a lot of sadness around Blogville these days,…

    • Thanks! That was the basic intent! Petcretary is quite silly sometimes:)

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