Happy Fifteenth Gotcha Day, Pipo! ~ Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today is very special here at our den.

Pipo is catabrating his 15th Gotcha Day! How cool is that!?!

Its also Valentine’s Day!

Wow, imagine being loved so much that you would get ‘gotted’ on the day of love…yup, it sure happened.

Pipo & Minko were gotted on the same day, as wee kittens, from different areas of our city…Feb 14th, 2005.

That seems like eons ago, and much has happened here since then…and one of them was that Minko no longer catabrates with us, though he does in spirit from the RB…so it has become a sort of bittersweet day, but still, we will celebrate because we can, and Pipo is now the longest living kitty here, other than the very first one, Groucho, who came here as an adult…he became an angel at the ripe age of around 18, as we figured it.

Pipo hopes he too can be with us that long! We will purr and hope for that.

And we know all our Angel furs are enjoying the love and remembrances of living here with us over the years.

Pipo & Minko as kittens, cuddling together


And peeking out at their new big world!
Hi, Petcretary, we are having a kitten hugging session…


Even at about 7 weeks, we had catitude!


From Minko’s last Valentine’s Day ‘session’…



A Valentine’s/Gotcha Day Remembrance of Dear Angel Minko

Benji & Dalton add their Valentine’s Day woofs, too!

We will have more Valentine’s Day selfies on Sunday…


7 thoughts on “Happy Fifteenth Gotcha Day, Pipo! ~ Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day and Gotcha Day, Pipo ! And many more ! We loved the baby pics of you and Minko !

  2. Oh my, from adorable kittens to grown-up beauties. Happy Gotcha Day to Pipo and to Minko at the Bridge. ♥
    Jan, Wag ‘n Woof Pets

  3. Mee-yow wow Minko was so stunnin an hansum!!! An Pipo yore just as stunnin an hansum!! Nevurr feer that!!! Happy Gotcha Day to you Pipo an ‘angel’ Minko!!
    All our ❤ an **purrsss** BellaDharma an LadyMew too (not the purrin part) 😉

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