Biding Our Time Sunday Selfies

Yup, we are biding our time, till a furry special day later this week…Valentine’s Day.

Not only will it be  Valentine’s Day, its going to be a celebration day as well, for Pipo, since its his Gotcha day. His 15th one, imagine that!

Yup, he and Angel Minko were gotted on the Day of Love!

Though since Angel Minko no longer resides upon the earth with us, He being at the RB, its a kind of bittersweet day, since it was *his* Gotcha Day too…two kittens arrived here on the same day!

Not sure if we will post on that day, since we mostly only post on Sundays…but if petcretary can find some time, then we will, just for him, he needs a post all for himself, he mewed that to *her*!Meanwhile…we are biding our time…us pups are chewing some bones, and Pipo got to bask in a lovely warm sunpuddle, on a very rare sunny day. (5 days ago…), Sheesh, its been snowing most days since last we posted…well, except for Tuesday when it WAS sunny, Hooray! They even closed schools and cancelled Wed evening events around here…petcretary and pawppy have shoveled snow the last few days, sometimes twice. And its snowing yet again…the whole state is covered according to the radar pictures.

At least we are not having the huge storm in Europe, known as Ciara, (or Sabina in Germany)…we hope our pals over there will be safe, warm and dry. It sure looks scary.

We made some welcome cards for a couple of new kitties in Blogville that we knew about.

We are hopping along with all the Sunday Selfies, Hosted by The Kitties Blue

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6 thoughts on “Biding Our Time Sunday Selfies

  1. Wellcome Rosie an Gryphon to Bloggie werld!
    An Pipo yore lookin so hansun inn yor selfiess today. It will bee a happysad day fore you an Petcretary an PawPaw with ‘angel’ Minko beein inn Purr Land. Mee so happy you are here with us….
    Dalton an benji yore both cute as buttonss nawwin on yore boness!!!
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

  2. Believe me when I say I’d rather have the snow than these winds, MOL, and I don’t like snow!
    Looking forward to Pipo’s special day. A special guy needs to have a great special day to himself and some treats and plenty of sun…..

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