More Selfies, Late; Stormy Weather; Hats! A Real Mixture!

Yup, we are quite late this week with our selfies, since petcretary had to work, and our peeps had to spend a lot of time cleaning up the heavy water laden snowfall on Saturday, and then the newer fluffier  blowing, drifting snow on Sunday…and there was COLD wind. Brrr. The roads and snowfall were a bit much, to brave the 26 mile trip to Church this week, so the peeps did not go…but we could see on the highway’s web site that there were a lot of slowdowns on the road we take…so we think the peeps made the right decision.

Better be safe than sorry, even though petcretary has to drive 8 miles of rural highway to get to her work…and back again in the dark.  When she came home from work, her car said it was 3 above zero…brrr!

Winter is not fun somehow…

We pups did have fun though…we romped in the snow,  Benji seems to like sticking his head in the depths to sniff out anything! And then he comes racing inside with his face all white…petcretary is so slow, she never seems to get a good picture of Mr Snowman-pup! And both of us had a great time barking the neighbors and their two wee ones who were toddling around in the snow. They were so bundled up they could hardly walk…just like the little boy in Christmas Story, BOL/MOL!

We missed Hat Day, and Dress Up Day, not that we are sad about that, MOL/BOL! However *she* did manage to snag some hatted selfies…sheesh!

Oh, dear…
You got to be kidding, petcretary!

We felt so much better after she took off those silly hats…(Hats made by Miss Cathrine of Angel-Basil’s Gang )

Ahh…now I can sleep!
I’ll even give you a two eared!

I’ll Just look adorable!

AmberDaWeenie…she recently became a sweet new Angel…
We are hopping along with all the others, as hosted by The Kitties Blue


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4 thoughts on “More Selfies, Late; Stormy Weather; Hats! A Real Mixture!

  1. Most ‘excellent’ hatted selfies, though we guess you are not saying the same thing about having all that snow to contend with, BRRRRR. We are hoping all stay safe and well, and that the roads clear in time for your staff to travel.

  2. OMC (Oh Mee Cat) Pipo an Dalton an Benji yore facess say it ALL ’bout wearin THE lovelee hatss…..Miss Cathrine iss furry tallented makin such nice hatss…wee gotta give her that rite???
    It snowed like crazy fore 2 1/2 dayss here too. Over a foot of snow an tempss are anywhere from 14-down to 1 deegree Fairenhite!!! FREEZIN! Mee not even ask to go out….
    Guess what?? Wee goin to bee without Hydrow Wednesday an Fursday while Hydrow peepell ree-place pole an then our transofrmer. Can youss’ beeleeve it?? This was supposed to happen 4 yeerss ago inn GUUD weather….Wish us luck!
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

  3. Great selfies you guys!! Even though you didn’t really like wearing the hats, you sure did look cute! Thanks for doing it for us to enjoy. ♥
    Your weather sounds so much like ours. We’re glad that your peeps erred on the side of caution and stayed home safely. Too many people around here venture out on the bad roads, and there are SO many accidents.
    Jan & the crew at Wag ‘n Woof Pets

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