What Happens Here On A Winter Stormy Day

We are/were under a winter storm warning. Lots of wind, rain turning to sleet and freezing rain…followed by frigid temps and snow. ‘Ugh’ all around, MOL/BOL!

Benji sticks his head out the doggy door to test the conditions and then hurries back inside…he does this multiple times until he can’t wait any longer…and then he goes to do his business…no digging out there today! Petcretary says that is the silver lining in this mess – Hah!Dalton darts out and does his stuff quickly too.

They both take a moment to bark at who knows what and scamper back in. The steps are slippery, so *she* has to sprinkle sand on them to give us a grip. *She* worries that one of us might slip and break a leg, esp Benji who has these long stilt-like legs…

Anyways it is a dark, dank and dreary day…January of course!

I, Pipo, just find a nice cozy and soft place to sleep the weather away…and dream of when the sun-puddles might return.

So here are some selfies of what we do when we are stuck inside with inclement outdoor conditions.

At least petcretary is off and doesn’t have to venture out on the slippery roads. She is on call, but so far so good and no calls to come in, phew!

Sorry for the bad lighting in these pictures, we don’t use flash, and the lighting was not the best…lamps are just not like sunshine!

I am being a good boy…just chewing up my toys, OK?!

Yup, I am…

I wish I could go outside though…its so icy and slippery out there, though…sheesh!
I’ll just pass the dreary day in my ‘nest’…
And try to sleep…why are you disturbing me, Petcretary??
I’m resting too…
And here comes…
That camera again…
OK, if I make a selfie then she’ll stop, right?? I hope so, MOL!
A kind of no ears selfie…
Yup…no ears, BOL!
Look, A One Eared Selfie!
OK,. Here’s an almost two eared selfie…
I am practicing…
My Head Tilt Skills:)
Here we are…
The Total Package of…
The Terrieristical Woofers!
We made a memento badge for dear Prancie from 15&Meowing…you can visit her page here.
We are trying to hop, but maybe its more like slipping and sliding…with The Kitties Blue who are the fine hosts of this weekly feature. Thanks so much, Kitties Blue!

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15 thoughts on “What Happens Here On A Winter Stormy Day

  1. Great selfies from all 3 of you. Sorry the weather is so yucky. Thank you for the beautiful card you made for Prancie’s loss and the kind words you left on my blog. XO

    • Thanks, and you are welcome, it was a pleasure to do that for you.

  2. Lulu: “One of the rules of being a dog is that even if you don’t know there’s something to bark at, you should still bark, because there might be something to bark at, and if you don’t bark at it then it gets away with it.”
    Charlee: “Gets away with what?”
    Lulu: “Um, stuff. Just stuff.”
    Chaplin: “Uh-huh. We’re with you, Pipo. Stay inside and sleep!”

    • Yup, that is exactly why we bark off our heads at…whatever…
      And yes, I Pipo, am way smarter than those pups, MOL!

  3. Mew mew mew Dalton yore one eared selfie made LadyMew laff out loud!! Shee said yore cute as a button….are buttonss ackshelly cute??? HMMMM….
    An Benji yore ’bout as adoorabell as a poochie can bee. Such an innycent face 🙂
    Pipo yore Selfiess are lovelee purr ususal.
    Wee had THE furry same weather as youss’ here yesterday! It was pawfull an chilley inn side even. This mornin our patio door was stucked…LadyMew had to werk on it to open it. Then shee cuud barelee shovel bee-cause THE snow iss heavy with ice. Shee managed a littel patch to put out seedss fore mee Sparrow frendss an peenutss fore any Squirrelss who came bye.
    Whew….Winter furinallee showed up rite??
    **purrsss** BellaDharma

    • We wouldn’t mind the cold of winter but all that snow and other junk is no fun at all…Benji says it hinders his digging jobs, BOL!
      Sounds like you had way more snow than we did, but up there where you are is kind of a snow magnet right!?!
      Stay warm and safe!

      Its really hard to get a good ‘full eared’ selfie of Dalton…and Benji – Innocent?? Bwhahahaha!!

      • Meow yow THE ice iss THE werst Pipo an Dalton an Benji!!! It causess so much trubbell. Wee have NOT had much snow up here this seeson…iss furry weerd!
        Benji iss innycnet! Of coarse hee iss, mew mew mew…
        An Dalton yore hansum with 1 or 2 earss 😉
        ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

  4. Stormy days like that are good days to be an indoor cat!! Luke doesn’t mind going out in winter storms too much, the only time he balks is when it’s very, very cold out. He’ll stick his nose out, then turn around and see if he can’t “hold it” for just a bit longer. LOL
    We’re glad the petcretary didn’t have to go out in that nastiness!!
    Jan & the crew at Wag ‘n Woof Pets

    • Benji doesn’t mind snow all that much, unless there is a biting wind to make it seem bone chilling.
      Pipo IS happy to not have to deal with outdoor conditions, Hah!

      *She* was very glad to have been able to stay at home, and be safe and warm.

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