Christmas Card Day!

Zoey & Dougie Dog from Zoolatry said that today, Dec 9, its Christmas Card Day…well, we are a wee bit late in our time zone, but…its still the 9th in some, MOL/BOL!

So here is our card for you, our blogging friends; feel free to snag it for yourself if you wish:

There may yet be another, if *she* finds time, if so that one will be posted individually and she will try to print it to put in any snail-mail cards she may send as well.

Not sure if the pet shop we get a lot of our noms from (Cause Chewy doesn’t have them go figure…), well, not sure if they will have a Santa event on a day that petcretary is off…she can’t take us there if she is working, cause of the awkwardness of the timing. If we do get to see Santa, then those images will go into our card…else *she* might resort to a photo session here at home…sigh…

Happy Christmas Greetings to all, and may you find many blessing in this joyful season!

Thanks Zoolatry, for telling us about this day!


One thought on “Christmas Card Day!

  1. What a beautiful Christmas card! Good luck with your Santa visit, or your photo shoot at home – we look forward to seeing photos from either of those! 🙂 ♥
    Jan, Wag ‘n Woof Pets

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