Some Selfies In Pre-Christmas Mode

Before we get started we need to remind you of this PSA:

A Public Service Note:

As of Jan 1, 2020, petcretary will no longer be making all the Birthday
and Gotcha Day cards. She will make Memorial Cards, and maybe a few
others. She is spending way too much time on them, (Sometimes up to 8
hours on a card), even though she loves making them…Sorry to have to
put an end to those…if you want one and have not had one for your
special furend/furbaby…send her a clear image with an unobtrusive
background at least 4 weeks ahead, and she will get one out to you. Just
leave a comment, with contact info.

~~~~~~~~~Not much going on art our den this past week, petcretary was so busy with her work she hasn’t been able to let us visit too many of you…but we try to get her to do a few each day…

We still have no snow other than that which fell at the beginning of November, which is long gone, and all the leaves that were still on the trees back then are still scuttering over the grass…a big mess, actually, MOL/BOL!

On Friday, petcretary made a big bonfire with all the year’s twigs, limbs and other big yaerd waste, including the remains of a felled tree that she was able to saw into managable pieces last spring. It was HOT! She came back inside smelling like that fire, and there were cinders in her hair…oops. But after a shower and the clothes int he washer she smells like herself again…at least we thought so, BOL/MOL!

Us pups have been gobbling up some whole nuts that petcretary put out for the birds and squirrels. But I, Benji, jump over the not too high fence and snagged some for myself before those tree rats did. Crunch and yummy…I have no idea why *she* found that unacceptable. Then she cleaned up the leftovers and tossed them – spoil-sport! However we did get the last woof…and we brought some whole almonds and English walnuts in to the den to crunch them in our warm soft nests. More disapproval from *her*. She had no idea how we got them either, tee-hee!

But when she went out to clean up our downloads; she found little digging spots, not at all like the usual kind of digging we do…then the light went on! We were excavating the buried nuts that the tree rats had put away for future reference. We are so clever, but she busted us and the squirrels too!

So she traversed the yard and found a whole lot more that went into the compost…and some even went into that bonfire! Hmmm…it was too hot to retrieve those roasted nuts…and she was humming ‘chestnuts roasting on an open fire…..’. BOL!

I Benji, was hunting for more buried treasures all day yesterday and even today. Could not find any…shucks. I shall have to resort to the yucky black walnuts in the far back woods…petcretary loves when I bring those into the house, Tee-Hee! And the tree rats shall have to stick with the spillage of sunflower seeds from the hanging feeders:) Why, I haven’t even seen one the past few days, they must be busy with all the other nuts and acorns around our area. They seem to know when we are inside and its safe for them to ‘forage’.

Pipo gets brave and watches us and then struts nearby us…tail up and mrouwing at petcretary to give him some food in his dish, or a belly rub. Or just to taunt us. Why one day he even headbonked on Dalton. He just sat there and froze. SO, maybe he wants to try and be friendly for this Christmas season?

Health wise he is holding his own and being normal. Petcretary is thankful that he is doing so well. She just wishes he would be more helpful with her when she wants to take his picture. Even with no props he hates it to the max…He’s been that way, even as a kitten. She uses no flash…and with the phone camera there is little noise of focusing, etc…oh well, at least she gets a few good ones now and then, Hah!

Well, today December 8th is National Christmas Tree Day…no tree up in our den yet…but here is some pictures of  pretty google trees. BOL/MOL!

Some trees like this one are found and taken home like this:
Tree in transport…
Decorated and pretty!
Maybe some peeps prefer a more eco-friendly way to take a tree home:)
We wonder if those decorations will last??
Sometimes in winter the trees nearby look like this
Or this…
This is another eco-smart tree!
So Pretty!
Of course you might try quilting a tree, it won’t need watering and is low-maintenance!
Another idea for a low maintenance tree:)
Petcretary says she likes this old fashioned pretty tree a lot!
And this is a good thing to be mindful of during this special season of joy and wonder.
Thanks Ann, of Zoolatry, for this badge.
We made a card though, somehow we found time for that:)
We are hopping along in the Sunday Selfies, hosted by the Kitties Blue, our ever faithful weekly hosts. Thanks so much!

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4 thoughts on “Some Selfies In Pre-Christmas Mode

  1. What lovely Christmas Trees. Each one is totally gorgeous * sigh * I’d like them ALL 🙂

    Your selfies look lovely too, very festive (although I don’t like the walnuts idea MOL!!)

  2. You are such cuties. I am so happy that Pipo is doing well. You are too funny eating the squirrel’s nuts. My hubby used to have a dog and when he took her for walks in the woods, they would eat chestnuts. XO

  3. Oh, we did not know about National Christmas Tree Day, but I got our tree up just in time!
    Meezer’s behavior reminds me of our senior (Angel) cat, Conrad. He was scared of the dogs his whole life, but as he got older, he seemed to get over that! While I don’t think he ever head bonked them, we were just amazed when he would lay around with them without freaking out!
    Love your Christmas cards!!
    Jan & the crew at Wag ‘n Woof Pets

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