Sunday Selfies a-la Different

Yup, we are taking a furry break so show you some guests that petcretary ‘caught’ in/on our patio pots. No fur, but wings and skin and what ever insects and amphibians might wear to do selfies, MOL/BOL!

We continued to have way too much rain, everything is quite soggy and water-logged. We may need an ark to stay dry…does this stop the excavation crew?? Nope…but cayenne pepper and red pepper flakes deter them a bit…sigh…there was a brief respite so petcretary went outside to tend to the plants on the patio, and the bugs thought so too…but later the rain started up again.There has also been an outbreak of the bad illness known as Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE), a sometimes fatal illness of the brain, spread by mosquitoes, which were in great abundance this year. So when we had a rainless night this past week, we heard planes overhead; they were spraying large areas with known outbreaks, or detected carriers in the tested mosquito populations. They used what they called an organic pesticide, pyrethrins. The next morning it was so quiet, no buzzing of the little insects and not even bees visiting our blooms…such as the ones that petcretary photographed earlier.

Sure hope that the local apiaries do not suffer losses to their bees. Saturday, petcretary found one very sluggish bee on her flowers…and a few other small bugs, but no butterflies. However it was only in the 50’s and very cloudy with rain later on…again:(

By the way, if this has or has to be done in your area, please remember that pyrethrins and related pesticides are very toxic for cats. Keep them safe indoors until you know that the all clear is given.

Anyways here are some ‘different’ selfies to enjoy!

This bee has a huge proboscis! Like a thick probe.
‘Sharing’ the nectar-bounty – a bee and a moth…
Fly…you had better stay away from…that froggy…
Not sure what kind of species this is, but it sure has a long proboscis, like a butterfly has.
Laying in wait for a fly or some other tasty insect…
A tired sluggish bee on a waterlogged dahlia…hope she could get home safely, the neighbors here have a small apiary.

Of course there were some cards we made…

Miss Boo

Or you can find Speedy, here, too.

Timmy & Einstein
We are hopping along with many others in the Sunday selfies, hosted by The Kitties Blue

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7 thoughts on “Sunday Selfies a-la Different

  1. The pictures are bee-u-ti-full. Your garden sure is healthy and happy and clearly loved by the bees and butterflies. We think the long-legged insect is a type of mosquito. We would not like it to land on the humans as we’re in the EEE zone too. It is furry serious here in the Northeast and peeps are advocating for prevention, like maybe a vaccine, or even a cure. Summer is going real fast too–today is warm but by the end of the week it will be raining and cool. Meomwie almost turned the heat on but since it was only one cold night she put on the winter stuff and toughed it out. Looking forward to you next selfies, xoxo, Bibi & Meep

  2. Luke got your card….thank you so much!!! His birthday is not until 10/27, just so your Mom knows. We LOVE the card!
    We hope your bees are OK, that EEE is scary, but so is spraying that might hurt the good insects!!
    Your marigolds sure are beautiful, those are my favorite flowers. Ours have succumbed to a freeze this week. I took one last photo to share before though. 🙂

  3. Meow! WTC??? Mee commint iss no where to bee seen Dalton an Benji an deer Pipo! Mee iss sure mee leeved one….
    Well here mee iss again to meow to youss’ ’bout yore Selfiess! Wee love THE bee an Moth Selfie; they are so kewl…
    All THE buggiess are kewl…an yore Butterfly frend iss speck-taculer!
    An Petcretary yore cards are sue-burb purr usual too….
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

  4. Charlee: “So many bugs to stare at!”
    Chaplin: “Are those self-bees?”
    Lulu: “I tried to make a closer inspection of a bee once. It didn’t end well. You’re better off just watching them!”

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