Labor Day Long Weekend Selfies

Well it was a rather quiet week at our den, but that is the way we like it best! No commotions, MOL/BOL! The weather was reasonable too, though we could maybe have used more rain…we had about 1/4 inch and a lot of storms one night. But the days themselves were nice and warm, not too hot and the sun was obliging most of the time, too.

Today is the start of the long weekend, the official end of summer, as far as school goes…its after Labor Day that things get back to ‘normal’. Petcretary does not have a long weekend off, in fact she is laboring…oh well, at least we know she is helping others and she makes some green papers there to help with the bills we generate!

Us pups dug up countless mole trails, but somehow the peeps here are not fans of the work we do. Sheesh.

I, Pipo ate my rations pretty good, too. I have decided to get myself into the doggy zone if petcretary is at her desk, or in the bathroom…and phooey on the two canines…I trapped them in the bathroom once, MOL! They just turn into jelly when I am nearby, boy I sure do have them under  my paws and claws! Sometimes Benji does his play bow with a cute ruff to go along with it, but since his tail is going like a helicopter, I think he wants to fight me instead…our languages are so different. Mew and Woof do not even come close. Silly Dalton just shakes and cowers…

I make petcretary giggle too, sometimes if they are sleeping I will amble by them and take a long sniff of them…and I have begun  to steal their doggy beds. Hey you know the saying…vacant spot equals MY spot!

I have not yet given *her* easy access to my face, MOL! So todays selfie of me is a bit dark, as she helped me take it in the darkest corner of the living room…at least she said there was a good light to use nearby…not  the bright sun, but just a lamp.

My ‘In the dark corner’ Selfie
Benji and Dalton had better lit selfies as they were outside in the sunshine:)
The grass is that brownish these days…but I love being outside on any day, better even on a sunny day!
One of my best selfies ever…too bad *she* cut off my ear, BOL! Its so dry lately the leaves ore falling off the trees alreadyl

Yesterday was Parsley’s Birthday. He is having a big pawrty along with a belated catabration for Melvyn and Fudge; and its a ton of fun. Click on the caption for his card to go and visit him and to have some big pawrty fun:)


Many of you may remember Demon Flash Bandit from the days of Dogster. He became an Angel pup recently.

We sent him this memorial card:

DemonFlashBandit(His Human’sFacebook)

You can visit the blog he had made for him by his Mom who also has passed away…and his sisfur also…Here. SO sad when there are so many goodbyes in one family.

And we all mourned the untimely loss of Caster from KIttyCatChronicles:


Or they also have a Facebook page: KittyCatChronicles

Iza from Mark’s Mews is having some health issues and we=ill soon be having to visit their new vet to determine the cause of her troubles and hopefully find a way to ameliorate them.

We are in the Sunday Selfies Blog Hop…a Fun Weekly Feature, hosted by the Kitties Blue. Thank you!

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7 thoughts on “Labor Day Long Weekend Selfies

  1. Lovely cards and selfies. I usually visit your blogger blog not WP, but although it was in my reader it was not on your site, so I came here instead.

  2. Mee darlin Pipo you look sorta sad…..please do not bee sad…..wee will still have Sunny puddellss an warm dayss…iss not THE end of Summer yet…. Yore Selfie iss so lovelee an sad at THE same time!
    Benji an Dalton you both have THE cutest doggies smiless efurr! Grate Selfiess mee frendss!
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

  3. Pipo is that your cute little tongue sticking out? You are adorable. I am glad you have the pups knowing you are the boss. Don’t be too mean though, they are sweet. XO

  4. There sure is a lot of smiles going on with the pups! Pipo, i was wondering too if you left your little tongue out. Thanks for the badges and sharing good and sad mews. We will go check them out ❤

  5. The cats always ruled our household as well, when we had both cats and dogs. We love all the selfies – it looks like autumn is arriving in your neck of the woods!
    Jan, Wag ‘n Woof Pets

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