Birthday Pawrty Selfies and National Dog Day!

There was a big doggy pawrty here last week…a big pawrty with two pups, BOL!

And I, Pipo, being a kitty was not at all ‘im-purr-essed’… MOL! I just went and had a nice quiet sunpuddle nap. During which I was interrupted to take a selfie…phfffftt!

We have lots of sun and no rain in sight…the grass is starting to crunch. Of course the weeds are still green and they are taller than the grass…sigh…however today it poured lots throughut the day, We really needed it. Now the earth around here had a good drink.

Anypaws, here are some doggy pawrty highlights.

Here I am with my ‘loot’!


No way! Thas is MY cookie from  Auntie and cousin Eddie…grrr….

Shucks, it looked and smelled so yummy…
putting the lick on my cookie…thank you Auntie and Eddie!
Oh, BOY!


Finally! Petcretary said Dalton needed to share so she broke it in two…

It was….

SO yummy!

I ate mine so fast petcretary didn’t get any good pics, but here I am with this bunny I snagged:)

And…I’m Off!

Rabbit tug of war..
Poor bunny stands no chance in our jaws.

But its so hot that we forgot to yank it all to bits, BOL!
A birthday and brofur ‘usie selfie’!

Many on you know Sherri Ellen, the LadyMew of BellaDharma; She has some major health issues and could use lots of purrs, Prayers and POTP. You can visit her blog here.

We are hopping along with the Selfies at The Kitties Blue, the weekly hosts of this feature.
We are kind of late, but hey no matter, this post was about the pups mostly and it *is* International Dog Day! WOOF!!

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7 thoughts on “Birthday Pawrty Selfies and National Dog Day!

  1. Happy Birthday to Dalton! Looks like a fun party for the pups and a mostly relaxing day for the kitty. That’s a nice card you made for Sherri-Ellen and Bella-Dharma, I will go look in on them.

  2. Awww, you woofies do look wonderful in your celebratory gear. Pipo has, however, the best idea I think soaking up the summer sun and watch the dogs go by.
    Lots of purrs to you all – and we hopes the bunny lasts a few days longer….

  3. Mew mew mew Happy 3rd Birfday sweet Dalton!!! you look specktacular inn yore Birfday hat!!!! An that iss sum kewl stuff you gotted too! LadyMew thott you had a live bunny with you, mew mew mew….shee iss so funny!!!
    Yore a guud brother to share yore cookie with Benji…when hee has his Birfday hee will share with you mee betss! 😉
    Deerest Pipo iss OKay THE doggies have a speshell day for themselves! Bee-cause EFURRY day iss KITTY Day fore us!!!! 😉
    Petcretary many many THANX fore yore lovelee badge an guud thottss for LadyMew….she bursted inn-to teerss an said how sweet you are (which you ARE!) She putted THE badge on our sidebar an said Thanx for carin so much!
    dubbell ***paw kissesss*** an lots of ❤ ❤ BellaDharma an ((huggiesss)) LadyMew

  4. Lulu: “Happy belated birthday, Dalton! Wow, that looks like a lot of stuff you got there! What a party!”
    Charlee: “The technical term for all that stuff, Lulu, is ‘loot’.”
    Chaplin: “Yes, we learned that for Dennis.”
    Lulu: “Hmm, are you sure it’s not swag?”
    Charlee: “No, pretty sure that if you get it for your birthday, it’s loot.”
    Chaplin: “Yeah you have to go to like a red carpet party or something for it to be swag.”
    Lulu: “I had no idea stuff could be so complicated.”

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