A ‘Normal’ Week for Sunday Selfies

Yes, Normal?? Can anyfur explain ‘normal’ to us??

It *was* quiet for us, but normal, well, no,, we don’t think any week is normal, that would be awfully boring!

Pawppy was about halfway mowing down the already tall grass, when the handle on it sheared right off. Yikes! Of course that rendered it useless and the peeps in the shop sad it would be there until at least the 24th, sheesh, the grass will be a forest by then. Thankfully (or not), its been rather hot  & dry so that helps keep the grass and ever present weeds from growing too fast. We all did hear petcretary say its getting hard to find the doggy downloads…and with two pups, well, nevfurmind!

Just now peeps are thinking its still the holiday time, and they are fireing off loud bangers, aka fireworks, which I, Pipo am not scared of, but it makes Benji bark his head off…he already did enugh barking at the neighbors who had company with little kids, so they seem to ignite his bark engine too. Seems he loves to bark like an insane pup. He will stop if someone bangs on the window, cause then he has to go and see what *that*was, BOL! Attention span of a flea!

Dalton still has to run for cover when he sees pawppy, esp if pawppy has his briefcase or shopping bags, and unfurbro-the-elder if he has his backpack. Or he barks, too…

I, Pipo am way more vocal than I used to be, MOL!  think that appetite stimulant has a lot to do with it, and since there is no more kitty furbling  here to compan and compare notes with, I have to let the peepsknow all about things with my loud meezer mrowls and yowls. Petcretary wonders if there is some kitty dememtia settling into my brains…cause I will go and taunt the pups from *my* side of the gate, and then when they come close I swat at them…I lured them into my trap! Dementia?? Nah, not me:)

I did have a close-up sniff of the big one’s derriere the other day…then

he felt my breath too close and he jumped away like a scared rabbit! MOL!

Well, as Garrison Keillor would say, its been a quiet week…nope, not here at Casa Del Hierba Alta…

Well, we are keeping it simple with our selfies this week…

Pipo wasn’t too interested, he indicated it would be a great idea to have some flasbacks for his selfie(s), MOL!

Wow, no cards this week…so it MUST be a quiet week, right?? Don’t fret there are more cards in the ‘factory’.So its just selfies this week, old and new.

No, wait, we made a card to bring truckloads of purrs, POTP and prayers to dear Sawyer, one of the kitties Blue. He really needs a ton of them.

POTP, Purrs & Prayers for Sawyer…I, Pipo, recruited these kitties to bring him loads of them:)
We are hopping along with all the other Sunday Selfies, at The Kitties Blue, who kindly host this fun feature each week, Thanks so much!

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4 thoughts on “A ‘Normal’ Week for Sunday Selfies

  1. our quiet weeks sound like sooo much fun I feel embarrased and will have to demand more quiet. Love the selfies this week, especially of you, Pipo. Keep chasing them pups and they will give you no end of fun in return.

  2. You all look adorable. I love the card you made for Sawyer too. Sorry about the fireworks, they are annoying. XO

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