Father’s Day Selfies

Oh, MY!

We missed Flag Day…at least here in our blog we did, we hung our flag out on the porch. Petcretary was working. At least it was one of the few nice days that we had this past week. Even today it is rainy.

Pawppy had his birthday. It was a super day, even if it was rainy…yes it was a washout. Oh well, it was dry in the restaurant, MOL/BOL! But they did not bring home any goodies for us three furs.

And yesterday it was Father’s Day!

Pipo adores pawppy, and will go to him first, even if petcretary s around. He struts in front of him to show him the way he needs to go, meaning to the chair to sit in and give him a lap to nap on…or to the love seat where Pipo will roll over for belly rubs. He mrouws all the while to pawppy as if to say, this-a-way; this-a-way!

Dalton still is very wary of pawppy, though he will approach for a chin scritch if pawppy is sitting down. But he runs off if pawppy walks by. Pawppy feeds him twice a day, and gives out treats, but Dalton remains aloof and scared of him. So sad, that he had to have endured some awful abuse, likely by a man in his unknown past..

Benji loves pawppy, well, he loves everyone! BOL! He is such a silly dude, full of crazypants ideas and he is a real goofball with his toys and when he plays. He lies in wait for Dalton and then springs up and chases him. Or he brings a toy to Dalton and begs for a game of tug of war. Or just a wrestling match.

Pipo ears are healing up, and he is back on the oral appetite stimulant. One of these days we may have to cut back to every second day, believe it or not, he feels heavy again. We didn’t think he would ever get his weight back, but we were thankfully wrong:)

Petcretary wasn’t able to get pictures of pawppy with the dogs,but she did sneak one of Pipo enjoying some Pawppy & Me time:)

Thanks for these great new toys, Petcretary, we had fun trying to kill them,BOL!

Of course we had to make cards for our pals with special days:)

We are in the Sunday Selfies Blog Hop, even though its already Monday!BOL!/MOL!

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One thought on “Father’s Day Selfies

  1. Mee-yow mee iss so alte to come vizzit butt mee iss here now Pipo an Dalton an Benji!!
    Pipo you are lookin simpley purrfect an oh so hansum!!
    Daltona an Benji you two sure have fun playin together….Brothurss from diffyrent Mothurss rite???
    Happy PawPaw Day to yore PawPaw. An Petcretary mee hopess you are gettin cott upss with bloggiess an emailsss…..LadyMew getss cot upss an then falls bee-hind….THE struggell iss REEL!!! Mew mew mew…
    ***purrsss*** an ❤ BellaDharma

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