Cinco De Mayo Selfies!

OMD! OMC! She was off work and she made us look all Mexican…sheesh!

And after a wet end to April and even a wet start to May, this weekend has been glorious! Hooray for warm sunpuddles and greenery outside. Hooray for Spring flowers…but our weeping cherry is on vacation from flowering this spring due to the snow and frost we had a couple weeks ago. Its putting out its leaves now instead of the pink/white blossoms. It sure was warm enough for a blossom explosion, which has happened other years…there are a few sprigs of blossoms, that is all:(

Shucks, now we all have to wait for another spring to see it in bloom. Hopefully the dogwood will bark up a nice show later one, BOL!Benji should have gone next door to help the neighbour dig holes, he was using a pole-hole digger tool…but no, he sad he would rather do it himself. So then Benji went on a spree in our yard…and presented us with a prize…sorry no pictures out of respect for the little dead gopher he brought to us. Petcretary carefully scooped it up and gave it a funeral…then Benji was sniffing all around for *his* prize…sigh…

Dalton almost caught a red squirrel…he got to about 6 inches of it, before  it scuttled up the tree, where it chattered all kinds of insults to him, BOL! Dalton is fast as lightening! Maybe with time he might have a prize too…shudder…

Pipo is quite social lately, and talks about all kinds of things to the peeps and the pups, too. He teases them by getting into their ‘terriertory’ and then mrouwing at them. It makes Benji go ballistic, but he doesn’t give chase cause he has felt the whaps, swats, and smackypaws that go along with the hisses. Pipo is quite confident that he will not be a prize for them and they seem respectful, even scared of him. No chance of getting cozy together anytime soon though…Pipo never did with Angel MJF, so its unlikely he will change for the two pups that are here now.

Pipo does pretty good with his noms for now. The vet changed his appetite stimulant to a transdermal kind…even though Pipo is pretty easy to give a pill to…

Well, you all want to see our Cinco De Mayo pictures right?? And we mean the month of May and not the concoction that gets put on sandwiches or salads, etc…and its a good thing, cause petcretary hates that stuff, BOL/MOL!

As you can see, I was bribed with catnip!
but…when I was moved away from the nip to a better lit spot, I decided not to cooperate so much, MOL!
I’s so ‘barrassed….
We are staring at you petcretary…no good pics till you take these things off!
Well, a cookie bribe helped a bit, BOL!
A huge raspberry for petcretary! Pfbbbbbtttttthhhh!
Well, where’s my treat?
Hooray, my hat is off! Thanks!
Yup, the bribe worked, tee-hee!!
Sheesh, the things I have to put up with…
I am thinking…
That a good revenge…
Will be a whole lot of new digging! Hehehe!

We made some cards, too:

Daisy of The Tabbies o’Trout Towne

We had to say goodbye to several furry ones this past week…

We did not know them all, but this is one of them:

Maggy from Zoolatry
 We are hopping and being a bit celebratory today as we do our selfies for Cinco De Mayo.

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6 thoughts on “Cinco De Mayo Selfies!

  1. Awww, what a wonderful pair of Mexican western characters you two woofies make. And Pipo looks wonderful and snuggly in his colourful attire, though a tad less enthusiastic. I guess chasing the squirrel and gopher would be more to his liking, as it would me.
    Cinco de Mayo purrs to you all, and long may that sun shine on you all.

  2. Ole Pipo an Dalton an Benji….you all look so hansum an kewl inn yore mexxycan garbss. Dalton an Benji you even look Mexxycan!
    Pipo yore all wayss such a guud sport…..mee admiress you a lot!
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

  3. Made ya’ look all Mexican huh? Mommy’s still rollin’ in the floor. She’s originally from west Texas, home of Mexicans. MOL Ya’ll look gawjus. Glad you’re doin’ well Pipo. big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

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