Selfie Sunday?? Oops, Blame Petcretary That Its Tuesday, Sigh…

Yup, she was working the weekend, and she forgot all about it…can you believe it??! Then she got all busy making cards for our pals, so that made us even later, sheesh! So you guessed it, no selfies this week, so we are going to do a flashback set. Hmmm…wonder where her random search will take us?Well, she found these cute images of our two beloved angels taken in Feb 2011, when it was time for a Valentine’s Day photo session.

Angel Minko raises his paw, ready to use it for a smacky session…but…
A kiss for Angel MJF was way better!
This dude and others of his ilk, try in vain to steal seeds from this feeder…it shuts when they try, Hahaha!
Now this guy has it made in the shade, literally!
Petcretary forgot she had helped Pipo to make this ‘selfie’!
An early selfie of Dalton.
A very early selfie of Benji…wow, he has filled out and grown:)
Eddie, our cousin, sort of looks like Benji, maybe they share a common breed?
Of course we had to make cards for our pals…
Kinley turned three! She sure loves her bike rides:)
Brinley is Kinleys sisfur, and she turned three, as well!
We’re hopping a bit late with The Kitties Blue who kindly host this feature, each week, Thanks!

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2 thoughts on “Selfie Sunday?? Oops, Blame Petcretary That Its Tuesday, Sigh…

  1. Mew mew mew an mee iss all so furry late too vizzitin all of you! Mee apawlogizesss…LadyMew iss still not guud an wee not on PeeC a lot…
    Mee showed her THE Selfiess of Minko an Mistur Jack Freckless an shee got teery eyed…shee meowed to mee ’bout them both. Mee wishess mee cuud have known them.
    Pipo yore Selfie iss wunderfull…mee all most **swooned**…Okay maybee mee ‘did’ a bit…sorta **THUD!**
    ……… a few minutss later…… Dalton an Benji yore Selfiess are adoorabell an so iss Couzin Eddie’ss Selfie!
    Sendin ❤ an ***purrsss*** to efurryone there, BellaDharma
    Pee S: An xtra ❤ an **paw kissesss** to Pipo ❤

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