Sunday Selfies ~ Not On Sunday

Yup, late again…we are like the cow’s tail, always at the end of the line…MOL/BOL!

But well, better late than nevfur!We don’t have much to show and tell, petcretary was working or doing errands and so on. The usual. Except she had to work an extra shift, she was on call, and her number came up. So she had to give up a precious Saturday to spend with her peeps at the nursing home instead of with us. But, well, they really need her help, and those little old peeps depend on others so much and she loves them all, so off she went.

So there was not a whole lot of time to take selfies.

She did try to help, me, Pipo to take some with a cell phone…yikes. I say, lets make her stick with a camera proper, MOL!

I have been eating quite well, the not so healthy kibbles seem delicious, MOL!

And I do like one brand of pate as well so I eat two cans of that each day, too. I have disdained other brands of canned food, be they super expensive, healthy or gourmet or whatever.

Petcretary doesn’t grumble too loudly, at least both types of noms are grain free…

This past week, I needed no help to eat, and the only time petcretary opened my mouth was to put in medicines…blech! MOL!

I felt so good, I was rolling around begging for belly rubs!

Petcretary experimented with an app on her iPad and made this into my Sunday Selfie.
I was lounging and allowed a piccie ofmyself…then when petcretary looked she saw the nice painting of Angel Minko that Marv’s Mom made for us. Hmmm…No, Angel Minko, I am not ready at all to go and live with you and our other Angel furblings…You’ll just have to wait!
We won a Bandana from Canine Compassion Bandanas; we won it from Dakota’s Den. We  liked it so much we ordered another! So we can be Easter Twins, BOL!  Thanks, Dakota!

Since petcretary was soo busy we will make this our ussie selfie, this week.

There is a glimmer of springtime here…

The first crocuses are obliging us with their own version of a selfie:)

Somehow, each week, petcretary always manages to help us make cards for others. Thanks!

So if we are lacking in visits its because we hare making her do that kind of work instead…

We are with The Kitties Blue in the Selfies Blog Hop

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3 thoughts on “Sunday Selfies ~ Not On Sunday

  1. Just seeing your happy face, Pipo, and knowing you are eating and happy makes Sunday selfies so much better—do keep it up 🙂
    What lovely cards you have made and such fun bandanas too. We’ll no doubt have to call you both the Bandana Kids from now on, just don’t go getting any ideas about being bandits, MOL

  2. Your mom did beautiful cards ! We love to see you happy, Pipo, and we’re glad you’re eating well. Lovely selfies ! Purrs

  3. Mee-yow wow Pipo! Yore Selfiess are deevine! An YIPPEE dore you eatin so well….this iss wunderfull mewss!
    An Daltona an Benji you both look so smart inn yore bandanass!
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

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