Pipo Is A Lot Better, But…Some Worrisome News Selfie Sunday

Pipo had to return to the vet – aka the Stabby-Not-Spa earlier this week. Since he still was not eating anything on his own, and remained very listless and just not himself at all. He would complain mightily and even hissed a couple times when he was picked up to be fed. (Which he kept down and he was properly using the litterbox and drinking on his own.) So he spent the day there with his Dr Ben, lover of kitties and with gentle hands to help find out what Pipo’s troubles were.X-rays were taken which ruled out any kind of blockage…hooray…but did not reveal anything else. Sheesh. Pipo is a kitty of great secrets it seems.

So they gave him some barium to see if something else might be revealed. Not terrible conclusive either, other than to prove there for sure was no mass or physical blockage…since our beloved Pipo-Beepo does sometimes like to chew on the little baggies that pawppy puts in his waste basket. OK, pawppy will NOT do *that* anymore…

Dr Ben did think that the wall of Pipo’s small intestine looked thicker than it should be…a clue? He discussed this with petcretary, and said the only way to truly be conclusive would be with a biopsy, but he did not recommend that, too stressful and invasive for a senior, already sick kitty. He feels that this is not IBD like Minko had, but more likely  lymphoma. Oh, dear…not what any kitty pawrent wants to hear. However he thinks with steroids and judicious use of appetite stimulants, Pipo should do pretty well, and still have good quality life for a long while yet.

And he feels that as the steroid shot wears off, and Pipo reverts back to his listless self, then it would more than likely prove this diagnosis. (If it just a form of enteritis and benign, then when the depomedrol wears off he will stay well…Hmmm…)

Well, when we all got home again, and left way too many green papers there…Pipo came out of the carrier, went to the litter box and then took a LONG well needed nap! Then he came out to see what we were doing and told us stories of woe from that Stabby-joint, MOL! Then he ate about half of the proffered stinky goodness that was set out for him…by himself! Hooray!

And he continued this way  the rest of the week. No vomiting, normal litterbox dumpings, and puddles, and he is walking around looking for things to see and do. Much more the Pipo we want to see and know! Friday night at supper, he came to the table jumped up there and demanded salmon and yogurt from pawppy, MOL! Then he went to his critter TV perch to see if in the dusk there were any good things to chatter at. Hey! We love you Pipo, you are feeling better! We are pawyering that you will do well on your medicines and be with us for a long long time. A good long time!

I, Pipo thank you for your purrs and pawyers while I was very sick.
I am doing a lot better now…but…
I have to take medicine every day, now. Because the vet-man says I probably have lymphoma…that sounds scary, and made petcretary sad, but he says I may still have lots of good time(s) to spend with my peeps and my pals…which means all of you:)

And Dalton and Benji are enjoying the outdoors…the snow is gone, and the ground is beginning to thaw…so now we live on the plot of real-estate  known as Moon-scape. Sheesh. We have Mr Digger and Mr Excavator…or it may be Mr Tunneler and Mr Bulldozer. Benji digs for moles, mice and walnuts. He digs up those walnuts that the squirrels have buried and he delights in trying to chew them up…and eat them. Eeuuwwww! Hope he just gets jaw exercise and not broken teeth, Petcretary can’t stop him, we have way too many walnut trees in our yard, there are thousands of their walnut productions…and then there are sticks…

Did you call us petcretary? We are coming as fast as we can!
Here we are, can we have a treat now?!
OK, bye for now!

Toys?? They have to be taken out too, and then left there in the rain…to be nicely washed and soggy…

Dalton pawticipawts in this toy removal service too…and they both like to find the old dog bed covers in the back porch and drag them back inside to rip and tear before laying on them…BOL! A silly pair of pups indeed!

Thursday night petcretary came home from her work, and she thought Benji’s harness looked odd, like as if he had had wriggled out of it. Upon closer inspection it was shredded in several places. Rendered useless. Somehow Dalton decided it was a chew toy to work at during one of their frequent vigorous wrestling matches….sigh…

This is why I am not wearing my harness anymore. Probably only now (when I get a new one) when I go for a walk…

And of course there is the regular business of toy destruction and destuffing…and desqueaking too.

Monkey dude needed surgery from Dr Benji…BOL!

One evening it was like a toy orgy had been happening here, BOL!!

And then they konk out, looking all sweet and innocent and not able to terrierize anything!  (You can see them sleeping if you look closely in those pictures.)

But…do not be fooled…those two are the Cuckoo-head twins, terrierists in cahoots with the king of monkey business, BOL, BOL!! They are just recharging their batteries for the next session…

Hi! I am a good boy, right petcretary?
Me too, right??!
Hi again, we need more treats!
We tried making a ‘nosey sefie’…
Not too bad…
Dalton thinks he needs to let you see his whole schnozzle…
OK, Then, less fuzzy and both schnooters! BOL!
We are tired…time to go inside for din-din!

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8 thoughts on “Pipo Is A Lot Better, But…Some Worrisome News Selfie Sunday

  1. Wonderful news about Pipo, that he is eating more and active, too. We shall keep praying and purring that it is only a digestive issue and will pass.
    But what about those cheeky puppies! Well, I have to say that chewing ones best harness is really not good sport—though it may have seemed such at the time. Thank goodness you guys get to run about outside now and have other things to occupy yourselves with. . . . like squirrels, MOL
    You all have a wonderful, healthy and treat filled week ahead.

  2. EEKKKK Pipo mee deer frend wee all most fainted when wee red yore post!! LadyMew an mee are sendin lotss of purrayerss an ***purrsss*** an guud wishess fore you to bee with us fore a long time!!
    Yore so hansum an clevurr….
    Dalton an Benji wunder what happened to THE harness, mew mew mew…..an dee-stuffin toyss iss a seereuss busyness rite???
    Yore Selfiess are priceless an hansum!!! Yore both such nobell poochiess.
    ❤ an ***purrsss*** BellaDharma an {{huggiesss}} LadyMew ❤

  3. I read your post filled with worry about Pipo, my heart sank for a while. I dearly and REALLY hope that he will be OK. Pipo is a wonderful cat and such a handsome boy and we want him to be well.

    We send our best and most love to Pipo.

    Marjorie and the Dash Kitten Crew

  4. We’re glad Pipo is feeling better, but worried about the diagnostic. We cross our paws and keep purring for him. Dalton and Benji, it looks like you’re having tons of fun ! Purrs

  5. I am glad Pipo is doing better. He is in my daily prayers and will continue to be. I think you should rename Dalton, Trouble after the least incident. 🙂 XO

  6. Charlee: “We’re glad Pipo is home and doing well. We send lots of purrs that it continues!”
    Chaplin: “And hey, your living room looks a lot like ours did when Dennis was still with us. Thanks for the reminder of fun old times!”

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