Mardi Gras Craziness…On Sunday!! OMC! OMD! Selfies Galore!

Petcretary was crazypants past Monday, likely cause she had worked the weekend and then did not go anywhere, so she had the disease of Cabin Fever…and she went nutzo with her camera…sheesh! Grrr! Hisses! BOL/MOL!

Good thing its only one day of the year, and truth be told she doesn’t even do anything about this day herself! Tee-hee! She even didn’t really know much about it until she joined up with Dogster/Catster years ago, BOL/MOL!

But well, it is kind of a fun day, and lots of food related things to go with it…but um…not here so much. Doesn’t work with their way/style of eating…something about the fat/salt/carbs??? Whatever…we think some good noms would be yummy, so they likely are missing out! They did not even get any of those special donuts, called Paczki…which are popular around here. Wednesday, being Ash Wednesday they will be all gone…There was no king cake either, and Dalton was licking his chops thinking about that…sigh…nor pancakes of any kind…boring! They ate salmon and snow peas, with salad, BOL/MOL!

We are posting these on The Sunday Selfies Bloghop, not because we want to extend the MardiGras fun even into Lent, but because petcretary is awfully busy with trying to upload the pics she makes, edit them and then pick out the ones she wants to post for you all to see…and giggle about! BOL/MOL!!

We *did* get treats galore to ‘pose’ for you all to see how crazy petcretary is…oh dear, what will she do when its  St Paddy’s Day?And she was having all kinds of roadblocks, the internet at our den keeps shutting down…and we can’t reset it…so in a couple ays there will be a stranger here to bark at and hide from. Sheesh, we are so attached and depepndant on the technology of this day and age. She took her confuser to work and accesses all our pals from there, thanks so much petcretary!

Then she had to go to her various appointments and other not pet related activities, not to mention her work…sure, we know, always those excuses!

And we got more snow…and bitter cold, we even needed the block heaters the other night. Brrr! Hey weather makers, don’t you know its March?? Sure hope  the roaring lion of the beginning of March turns into a sweet gentle lamb for the last part of March…we can hope, right?

Benji has discovered that under all the snow we have there are walnuts…so he snags them and tries to chew them up…sheesh, hope he doesn’t hurt his teeth…and there are SO many walnut trees around here…even the squirrels don’t get them all…and then…hang on now…he unearthed a dead froglet…it was a small frog, probably froze some night after it turned from a tadpole to a wee frog way back last year sometime…eeuuwww!! At least he dropped it and petcretary was able to dispose of it before he ate that vile thing…ugh…what next? Oh wait ~ in the spring the snakes come out to warm themselves up…

I want some King Cake! Mmmm!

We made a couple of cards:

We are festively hopping with our Sunday Fat Tuesday Selfies, The Kitties Blue are the weekly hosts of this fun feature, thanks so much!

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6 thoughts on “Mardi Gras Craziness…On Sunday!! OMC! OMD! Selfies Galore!

  1. oh you know how to celebrate that fab event… although the name is french they don’t celebrate it here that much … how bad… we were so in da mood for some fat fabulous snacks.

  2. Oh, you all look fabulous in your special outfit Selfies, very cute💚Happy Birthday to Molly and Teddy💚Pawkisses for a wonderful week ahead to all of you🐾😽💞

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