Happy Gotcha Day, Pipo

Its Valentine’s Day, and wow wee, its also my Gotcha Day! I was ‘gotted’ way back in 2004. Sheesh, I think I am getting to be an older gentleman! MOL! Being ‘gotted’ on the day of love is special for sure, and though we came from different parts of the city Angel Minko was ‘gotted’ on the same day! I do miss that dude…

Well, petcretary has to work today…sigh…but she is wearing some heart things to show her love…not only for me and from me, but for her residents as well:)

We here, hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

Here is a little poem I wrote…

To My Pom-Pom Ball

I love Feb.
It is month of Fab
A month of love
And I love all my furends
I have in ‘The Web’.

I love my peeps
And of course their laps;
I love my noms
And special treats;
And warm comfy sleeps!

Against the wall,
I have my toy box
Filled to the very brim
With nip and mousies,
But most of all
I love my fussy Pom-Pom Ball!


I got this nice card from a fellow catabrating furend: Valentine! He has a birthday on Feb 14th, now that *is* spawsial!


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