Sunday Selfies On Monday…Petcretary Is Sick:(

Yup; we are late, petcretary had to work the weekend, after all the cold weather we had, and now its in the 40’sF. A big slushy and muddy mess. And foggy as well.

And now petcretary has a bad cold complete with a squeaky voice so she can’t yell at us, tee-hee. And sometimes she has no voice at all. She feels yucky but she says she hopes it will be not too long lasting, as its ‘only a cold’. However sometimes these things fulminate into bronchitis or severe sinusitis, needing prescriptions to make them go away. It is a good thing she hardly ever gets these troubles… so she makes hot herbal healing teas, and takes herbal medicines to help her feel better. She hopes she won’t start barking like us pups…

Petcretary was feeling all sad the other night when she got home from work as one of her fave little ladies she cares for had to go to heaven that night. That lady had been there since before she had started working there, and she was the last of the ‘original residents’ of the facility.

Selfies?? Hmmm…We shall have to delve into the files we have…the camera was not much in use this past week…

It was Super Bowl too, but between petcretary’s work and her not feeling too good we forgot to make those badges that some of you have…like the kitten bowl ones. She did see snatches of them at her work as many residents enjoy that sort of thing more than the ‘real’ game.And you know, *she* even forgot all about groundhog day…sheesh! Us pups would have enjoyed seeing that rodent…around here he did NOT see his shadow, so spring should come soon we hope. After all that record cold it can’t come fast enough!

I, Pipo will get myself ready for a selfie while those silly doggies do theirs…
Benji is hopeful this selfie will land him a yummy treat…
Dalton is pretending to be rather regal in this throne of a nest:)
We are good boy-pups, right?
I am ready to do my selfie now. How about this dangle??!
BuddyBudd turned 19! How amazing is that! A pawrty like that needs tons of balloons,MOL!
Cyndi from Jan’s Funny Farm, sadly left her earthly dwelling place.
We are hopping along with The Kitties Blue, who are the faithful hosts of this weekly feature.

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7 thoughts on “Sunday Selfies On Monday…Petcretary Is Sick:(

  1. Nice selfies anyway ! We send healing purrs to your petcretary and we hope she feels better soon ! Purrs

  2. Very nice selfies. I hope you all got treats. I am so sorry about the resident that passed, that is sad. I hope the petcretary feels better soon. XO

  3. Deerest Petcretary wee here at THE Purrfect Pad are sendin you LOTSS of ❤ an ***purrayerss an POTP so you get bettur!
    Pleese get well soon!
    Now to yore Selfiess: WOW-WOW-WEE!!!! Benji you wuud get dubbill treetss if you were here….An Dalton you DO look ree-gal. An Pipo yore dangell iss pawtastick; just like you…..
    ~~head rubsss~~ an **purrsss** BellaDharma~~

  4. The most likely shadow to be seen by rodents around this way, is mine, and then it wouldn’t be for long. Thankfully for the mices they are in short supply so I am not hunting–but give it time…..
    Sorry to hear of that dear lady passing. Hopes your staff get better themselves, in time for spring.
    Gentle purrs

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