Keeping Warm In The Deep Freezer Selfies

If we all thought last week’s post, from the chilly State of Michigan, it will be even colder , dangerously so, this coming week, with Wednesday predicted  to be having a high temp of just below 0F. Brrrr

And wind chills so bad that frostbite could happen in just a few minutes of exposure. The schools are sure to be closed due to this. And today, Sunday and through Monday we are expecting another big dump of snow. Oh, my poor Texas transplanted pups! No walks for them, even with three coats. Not good for man nor beast. They go outside to do their business and privacy pawlease and scamper right back inside.

This past Friday we were dealing with a small new layer of snow, about 3 inches…and bitter cold winds, the temp was 9F during the day…and petcretary went outside only to see that she had a very flat tire. OMC! OMD! Dang!! She had to go to work later as well…sigh…Well, the service dude came and fixed it, by way of getting the spare tire installed. He couldn’t hardly get the special bolts unlocked. The little things that fit into a tire gauge were also frozen and couldn’t come off to check the pressure. In cold weather those service guys expect to help peeps with bad batteries, or to be digging someone out of a snow bank, or pulling them out of a ditch…but a flat? MOL/BOL! He told petcretary that it was the longest changing a tire job he’d ever done! Tee-hee. Petcretary just told him we have a sign on ourselves that says if it will be happening, it will happen to the best/worst of its possibility! And if that wasn’t enough, the spare tire in her van is inside the floor between the first and second  row of seats. So the carpet and mud mats had to be lifted up…well, at least it was daylight!

And petcretary’s car starts quite well, even in this cold, she has a block heater. It helps…a lot!Well, the sun did show up a few times, for short periods…so one of the not quite as cold days we all went for a walk, bundled up to the max. Those pups need a good romp or long walk to get rid of excess energy.

Here are some pics of Pipo enjoying some of those warm sunbeams…well, warm if you are behind the glass in a nice heated house!

It may be extra cold, but sunpuddles are still comfortingly warm….
We’re done now, can we come back inside?? By the way, we were practisong for opposite day which was earlier this week, BOL!
We are glad we have a cleared area for um…privacy please!
I have on three coats…yes its that cold…
I’ve inherited MJF’s coats, and cause its so cold I have three of them on all at once. Layers keep me warmer…sigh…I feel like that lil guy in Christmas Story…BOL!
At least she did *not* put those silly bootees on my toesies. I refused to let her, BOL!
Hunching up helps to keep me warmer, too…
We are thankful we can live in a nice warm house.
Sorry for the yellowish tints, inside lighting is not the best:)
A baby like me…
Needs lots of good long naps.
Can I have some time with you alone now while Benji naps?? I don’t need a nap, BOL!

We all felt sad this past week, when we learned that Tallulah from 15&Meowing had to go and live in Kitty Heaven. She was dearly loved and will be greatly missed by her family and all who knew her.

We made a couple of memento cards in her honor.

We are hopping along with The Kitties Blue, who are the hosts of this weekly feature.

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10 thoughts on “Keeping Warm In The Deep Freezer Selfies

  1. Thank you for the beautiful cards you made for the loss of Tallulah. Great selfies from all. You two pups should let her put boots on you. And Pipo, you need a sweater too. Sounds like you are having a tough winter. We have had a little snow and a few cold days, but then it warms up.At least the petcretary was home when the tire went flat- better than on the way to work. XO

  2. Meow meow Pipo yore lookin furry handsum inn yore Sefiess today!!! Efurry time wee get a bit of sun wee then get a lot of snow! Wee have had 0 tempyturess fore 2 weekss now here an over 3 feet of snow…an more to come!! Dalton an Benji that iss um layerin yore doin….you both looked cold even dressed. Yore inn-side selfiess are pawtastick!!!
    Well wee bettur hunky….ummm hunker down…Winter iss here fore a while…
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

  3. 0, Snow and ice, oh yucky. Sorry ’bout the tire, but at least you had someone who could change it fur ya’. Stay wamr and toasty and safe. Purrlease be careful on the roads. big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  4. Yikes! Three coats, boy that is way too cold for me–I’m a one coat princess or by the fireside, MOL
    You all stay safe and well and warm, and we hopes the outside loo situation improves else it will be litter boxes all round 😉

  5. Oh maybe you can ask your momma or papa to get you an electric heating pad. My mom got one fur her aching back last week. She let me try it out and I decided it is quite nice and toasty on my tummy, so I have since claimed it mine! Tee hee hee. Winks.

  6. Charlee: “That was some crazy cold you guys had out your way!”
    Chaplin: “Yes, that’s the sort of cold that makes us cats glad we get to go potty inside the house.”
    Charlee: “And lie in sun puddles all day!”

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