Selfies On Tuesday With Guests

Oh, MY! Petcretary was so busy cleaning snow and working over the
past few days, that we are now doing our selfie post on Tuesday!
MOL/BOL! She took pictures but not so much of us as of the big full moon
that got all covered up. She got home from work in time to see it…but
um…the temp outside was not conducive to standing around trying to
take pictures with a diddly Zoom lens on her Point & Shoot
camera…but she tried! Until her fingers and toes were frozen…despite
gloves and boots. The temp was -13F. (-25C)…at least the wind had
died down somewhat. Today even though it was MLK Day, and many schools
were not in session, some that were were cancelled due to the wind
chills.On Saturday, we had a good 6 inches of snow, maybe
more…so not the biggest snowfall ever, but enough to cause trouble on
the roads.Dalton is now in his second winter here, but this is
the first winter ever for Benji. He is NOT impressed at all, BOL! Today
we went for a walk when the temp had warmed up a bit above zero, so the
pups had on two sweaters, covered by a heavier coat. They looked like
the little guy in the Christmas Story movie who couldn’t move on account
of being so bundled up! BOL!

And to make the snow and cold seem
even more not fun, Auntie (Eddie’s Mom), sent a nice picture of the warm
Caribbean beach she is at this week…sigh…

At least the sun has been out both yesterday and today. Pipo loves him a sun puddle even in the winter!We three will return next time with our own selfies…this week we are showing off the moon and some others…

Lunar eclipses are interesting, but though this one was considered extra special,petcretary didn’t think it looked any redder than others she has seen. Oh well…So the ‘Man in the Moon’ did a guest selfie, Oh, MY!!

Eddie is gong to be another guest here this week: He outdid himself in the shredding department! Imagine if we had been there to help him, BOL!!

This dude loves to steal as many seeds as he can before he is thwarted by Dalton…Benji has still to ‘learn’ all about these critters…

We helped make some cards, too:

We heard belatedly that Avalon celebrated her Birthday
Ayla & Iza had their Gotcha Day
Clyde catabrated becoming 19!
Valentine had a Gotcha Day
Marley has his Gotcha Day, *today*!!
We are joining The Kitties Blue with our guest selfies.

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8 thoughts on “Selfies On Tuesday With Guests

  1. Those are good photos of the eclipse. I watched from the bedroom window. We were lucky to have clear skies after days of rain.
    Eddie did a good job on the shredding.

  2. Furabuluss photoess of THE Moon!! Wee saw her last nite an shee was HUGE an sorta orangey-red-yellow….speck-tackular!
    An Petcretary yore cardss are furabuluss! Yore back in busyness!
    Eddie yore heelareuss…what a guud mess you made, mew mew mew……
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

  3. Charlee: “The moon looks like Mars or something in those pictures!”
    Chaplin: “How do you know what Mars looks like?”
    Charlee: “Maybe I’ve been there. Anyway that was some good shredding that Eddie did!”
    Chaplin: “Yes, Dennis would be proud of him! And Charlee, you’re changing the subject!”

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