The Week’s Gone By So Fast, And So Its Time Again For Selfies On Sunday!

Wow. Time flies by when you are busy with a puppy…almost forgot it was Sunday and time for selfies…Phew, we remembered and got a few…MOL/BOL!

What *is* funny, though is that the pups’ selfies from outside show green (Well not too green) and no snow, but of course the pics were made during the week on petcretary’s days off…when there was no snow…but now there is a dusting. We were blessed…we think…by not having the current snowstorm hit our area, other than maybe an inch or so. Where pawppy comes from (Wash, DC.), and many areas to the south of us, well they did get dumped on! We are not too sorry about living in Michigan right now, the Winter Wonderland…really?? MOL/BOL! Probably we will get our comeuppance soon enough. Weather is like that, you know.So were are having lots of fun, and Pipo, too, comes by to sniff us now and then. Benji is mostly calm and not too interested in chasing him, so maybe at some point they will be tolerant and OK with each other? We can hope!

Today at dinnertime, we gave Benji a supervised rawhide roll. He loves them but teds to chew themm up really fast. So after a while, the thing was all soft and slobbery…and petcretary heard a funny noise like a cough. YIKES! Benji was trying to swallow that thing whole. She reached into his mouth and had to pull it out…into the bin it went. Phew! Close call!

Dalton chews on them a bit then leaves them until later for another brief chew, he doesn’t try to eat them all up.

So no more free access to those things. Only allowed under close and strict ‘snoopervision’.

There was a fat squirrel in the yard this morning under the bird feeders…and we showed it to Benji through the window. Then we let him outside, but he just stood there…BOL! He has lots to learn about yard guard duty! Dalton gave chase but that smart varmint was long gone, BOL!

Well, here are some selfies…Pipo’s is a flashback, not sure if it was posted in an earlier post, but reruns are fun anyways! He did not want to takeone today, he kept putting his head down…even the IPhone camera bothers hm…still never sing flash. He is just bashful, MOL, MOL!

Hopefully in a month’s time he will let some Gotcha Day selfies be made…we got him a special tie to catabrate in style.

Sorry for the poor lighting of the indoor images…

I see you down there, benji…


I think there is a kitty making sure I don’t try to sniff him or chase him up there…ready to whap me, I think…


Pipo, in his ‘cubby’
Lets give this coonie a good ripping tug of war!

A series of loving brofurs kissies and dogversations…




Can I have some of that, too, Petcretary?!


I, Benji am long…and lean!
Hi, Mom…oops, I mean petcretary!


Hi! Petcretary thinks I could use a good brushing…what is that?
I think this will be my official Dalton selfie this week:)


I may look ‘baby’ but…I am over 7 months old…


Sheesh, Petcretary, those dogs are sure a crazy pair…


This week’s card making attempts…

Caster from KittyCatChronicles



Blub, from Pets Overload


Blub, it was hard to decide which to send him, so we sent both…
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5 thoughts on “The Week’s Gone By So Fast, And So Its Time Again For Selfies On Sunday!

  1. What terrific Selfies! It is so cool to see Dalton and Benjie playing together! It makes Mom’s heart sing as she remembers the hairy slobbery sisters Bob and Sam playing together. The tug on Coonie really made her laugh as they did that often. And we loved the pictures of Pippo. You know Queen Penelope absolutely HATED having her picture taken. Even though Mom did not use a flash, she would turn her head or close her eyes every time.
    The Feliway is working. Ninja and I are not fighting up on the bedroom level (where the diffuser is) though we are still playing chase I am not being as aggressive down on the living room or front door level either. Mom is expecting us to be pretty much back to normal by the end of the week.

  2. Meow meow Rest inn Peece little Blub fish….even fish are loved here…
    An all yore Selfiess are furabuluss! Benji once you get a brushin you will want them all THEE time!! Iss so ree-laxin….
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma
    P Ess: LadyMew iss down with Flu’ so wee mite bee offline fore a few dayss….

  3. Well, Where’s your rawhide Pipo? Mommy used to have a kitty, Lucky Lucciano, that luvved pig ears. We’ve never had ’em. Ya’ll be lookin’ gawjus. Stay warm. Big hugs

    Luv ya

    Dezi and Raena

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