Last Selfie Hop of 2018 Selfies & Big News!!

Yup, it *is* the last day of 2018, and we are late with the Sunday Selfies…but here we are non-the-less; So of course there have to be selfies…

There sure was lots of goings on this year…and this past week was no exception!Pipo had his 14th Birthday on the 26th. Sorry we didn’t post about that on *his* day…petcretary was loaded up with all kinds of things since she had to work on Christmas Day…we did get a few pics, though:)


And petcretary even made a simple card for him:


And Petcretary didn’t forget about me…my hoping for a good time in 2019 selfie:)

Its taking a long time, but slowly she is learning this Gimp(Which makes her limp…) program. It took her two days to make one card for someone else…sheesh! MOL! So still, sometimes she cheats and goes to that online site, Tee-Hee!

Most of you already have heard the sad news that Tommy from the Poupounette Gang went to live in R.B.Land…so petcretary worked really hard and learned lots of things about the gimp program and made this card for his memory.


There were other special days, too.


And though its no longer Sunday…we still have some very newsworthy selfies to show you:

Please let me out of here(Humane Society Of SouthwestMichigan)
My name is Benji and they *did* let me out, but now I am a wee bit scared…will those peeps like me, and how about that doggy they took along?


Yes!! They did like me!
In fact I think they all love me:)
This house/bed is way more comfy than the one I had to use at the shelter…ahhh….


HI! I am Benji!


I am still a puppy, of about 61/2 months old…
I see ‘chaseables’ out there! WOOFS!


Dalton: I think I will have fun with my new brofur…Benji:I hope we can play and romp all the day long!
We went on a long walk, but it sure was bitterly cold and windy so we had to wear our jackets. I, Benji, am quite skinny and feel the cold a lot right now…


My ‘On a cold walk selfie’.
We are hopping along with the Kitties Blue, the kind hosts of this weekly feature.



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13 thoughts on “Last Selfie Hop of 2018 Selfies & Big News!!

  1. Oooooh! I say this is wonderful news, Benji, and for all at Meezer and Terrier Towers. I’m sure Pipo will welcome you in his own way soon (if not already 🙂 MOL ) You folks have done a wonderful thing there, and my, how dalton suddenly looks like the happy old man of the family in his last and smiling seflie with Benji.
    Happy Birthday Day, Pipo, yours was a day after mine. You look most resplendent in you special day selfies. I am sure you will have the new pup trained up very soon 😉
    Lots of purrs

  2. Belated happy birthday, Pipo!
    Hi Benji, welcome to your new home. Dalton looks very happy to have a new brother.
    Those are all lovely cards. The card for Tommy is beautiful.

  3. Dang, I know I was here and left a comment yesterday. Welcome home Benji, you sure picked a most wonderful family. Happy New Year from all of us!

  4. I give up, I’ve tried commenting twice so I switched to my Facebook profile. Welcome home Benji!!! Happy New Year from all of us!

  5. Happy Belated Birthday, Pipo! You are the grand four-legged master of the house!
    Welcome, Benjii, I’m sure Dalton will show you the ropes and share all the tasty doggy treats and best places to get into trouble (MOL)!
    Purrs, Angels Bibi & Meep

  6. Welcome to your new home Benji we are so very pleased to meet you. And belated Happy Birthday Pipo.

    Mee see-cretlee hoped Miss Ingrid an PawPaw were goin to ‘dopt you a Brothur Dalton!!! This iss THE best mewss efurr! What a away to start 2019!!
    Well come Benji…oh yore adoorabill. An cute an such big eyess…..Dalton iss wunderfull an Pipo iss ‘poochie frendlee!!!
    An wee can bee frendss too Benji! Mee bin here since Seppytemburr 6th….give yore self time to adjust….OKay??
    Oh Pipo mee hopess you like yore mew Borthur from another Muther!!??
    Wee are so happy fore all of you!
    ~~~head rubsss~~~BellaDharma~~~ an (((hugs))) LadyMew

  8. Happy belated birthday Pipo. We hope your day was as purrfect as you. Looks like your house is goin’ to the dogs. MOL Happy Mew Year to you all. We purray it’s the bestest year yet. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  9. Charlee: “Welcome aboard, Benji! Happy 0th gotcha day!”
    Chaplin: “Is 0th a number, Charlee?”
    Charlee: “I don’t see why not. Something has to come before your 1st gotcha day, right?”
    Chaplin: “I suppose. And what a great way to start the year!”

  10. Happy belated birthday, Pipo!! You are lookin’ good, dude! We hope you had a wonderful day celebrating. And Benji — welcome! Congratulations on scoring the best home ever! We look forward to seeing more of you and getting to know you.

  11. Happy New and what fantastic news!. Welcome, Benji. Happy belated birthday dear Pipo.You love gorgeous and will continue to rule xo

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