Almost Christmas Sunday Selfies And Our Card For Our Furends

Wow, its the Sunday before Christmas…the eve of Christmas Eve, MOL!

Petcretary has been busy working and fulfilling other obligations that do not have anything to do with us…sheesh. Then…she saw the cutest 7 month old terrier mixed puppy at a local shelter. He was featured in an article in our local ‘Shopper News’. A scruffy looking wirey hairy creature, and petcretary had all she could do to not go right there and claim him to be a brofur for me…even pawppy thought he was a sweetie. Howevfur, well, we don’t want to upset Pipo with another canine here, and this pup was not yet observed around kitties…so, well, we sure hope he will find a great forever home before Christmas, we know that is his wish, and we can add our woofs, purrs and pawyers to that effect. Maybe after the holidays when petcretary is not working, she can check there to see if he is still there and then have a discussion with pawppy…hmmm…Still no word on the whereabouts of the stolen goods, nor the apprehension of the thieves. In a nearby city, there have been several such incidents as here, but the perpetrators are not at all matching the description that pawppy had. So another bunch of naughty young men at loose. What is with peeps these days? Grrr and hisses.

It seems we will have a green Christmas here, this week we had lots of dreary wet weather and some sunny days here and there. The temps have been in the low 40’s during the day, going back to freezing temps at night, but no snow. We may have a few flakes tonight we are told, but so far have not seen any.

Petcretary is working this weekend, then she has off Christmas Eve, has to work on Christmas and then she will be off until after New Years. She really doesn’t mind working on a holiday, though she does regret that she has to abandon the family for a while…but her residents at the nursing home need her a lot more than us:)

She is looking forward to that  nice little vacation, so she can relax and play with us:)

She hopes that the weather will not make her have to do work outside – as in shoveling snow…even with pawppy using the snow thrower machine, the shovel still needs to be used…and trails made into the yard areas for me, Dalton to do my privacy pawlease. BOL!

Oh and some trails made to the bird feeders so we can have bird and varmint TV channels in good working order!

Here are our selfies for this special Sunday, followed by our card which we have sent out via the interweb threads. If you did not get our card that way, feel free to snag it now. (Unfortunately we had to use an online web site with premade templates to make our card this year, since petcretary just has not been able to properly master that photoediting program called gimp…it makes her brain limp! MOL/BOL!) But its kind of pretty and we think it will do just fine! We even resorted to using that site to try and make cards for others since we felt so bad about not being able to do them at all.

Waiting…for the elusive sunbeams…and for Christmas!
There *was* snow, but its al gone now, so my tootsies won’t freeze, BOL!
A Christmas Card: From our den to yours!! Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas!
Eddie, My doggy cousin had a birthday, whoot, I am older than him, BOL!
Petcretary’s rather lame attempt at the new (GIMP)picture editing software…
This is Beardsley, the sweet doggy that belongs to a friend of petcretary.
Cyndi, from Jan’s Funny Farm turned 15!!
We are in the Season of Christmas, hopping along with the Kitties Blue, who kindly host this feature each week. Thanks so much!

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5 thoughts on “Almost Christmas Sunday Selfies And Our Card For Our Furends

  1. Concatulayshunss to Cyndi cat on ternin 15 yeerss old!! Pawtastick!
    An yore card iss lovelee as are all THE cards Petcretary did!! Wee are sorry nothin came back to you….butt thingss can bee ree-placed butt not yore Pawentss!!! LadyMew used to werk inn Nursin an wuud werk all Hollydayss so otherss cuud bee home…..Our Mum’ss are THE bst rite Pipo *yore handsum) an DAlton (yore do digneefied!)
    An pawss crossed purrhapss a Brothur….
    ~~~head rubsss~~~BellaDharma~~~

  2. We purray ya’ll have a merry and blest Christmas. And that your things are returned or replaced with newer better. Great fotos. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

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