Super Big Troubles At Our Den

We have to report to all of you out there in blogville that we are not able to send you our cards, and make new ones right now. There were some  ready to send, but alas, we have no access to them, since our home was broken into and the computer was stolen. This kind of thing cannot be done on petcretary’s IPad, sadly. We can contact you and read your blogs and comment, but we cannot make posts with pictures. So we might do a bunch of flashbacks. Sigh.

We are all fine, other than feeling violated and shook up.
The Christmas cards will have  to go by the wayside too, since we cannot make any. Other than finding a stock card, which we do not like to do.
Please  just keep us in your thoughts, and know we are well, but just not in our normal situation.
Thank you all for understanding.

13 thoughts on “Super Big Troubles At Our Den

  1. I am very sorry to hear this. I hope you didn’t have too much else stolen and that the thief gets caught.
    It must be an awful feeling to know that a stranger has forced their way into your home.

    • Thank you. Yes we feel very violated. They only took some of our tech stuff and left others that were in plain sight. Strange, but I think they were teens with nothing to do but causing trouble. Sad for them and for the community, if they are not caught they will do that somewhere else. And perhaps try to come back here later. Scary thought.

  2. We are sorry to hear about this ! Hopefully you will get at least some of your things back, especially since so much of what you do is for others !

  3. Don’t you even DARE stress about cards wen you are so upset and shaken. We hope they find your stuff the meanies took * HUGE HUGS *

  4. Mee-yow wee iss just reedin this Sunday Deecemburr 2nd an are so sorry Dalton an Pipo!! Furry scarey fore sure! Wee just reeleeved you an Petcretary an Mistur are okay!
    This iss so sad. Petcretary efurryone will understand….
    Wee ❤ you all, BellaDharma an LadyMew ❤

  5. Charlee: “Oh no, that’s awful! People breaking into places and things that don’t belong to them. Shameful!”
    Chaplin: “Hey, Charlee, we both do that here all the time.”
    Charlee: “Well, yes, but we live here, and we’re cats. Humans should know better.”
    Chaplin: “Yes they should!”
    Charlee: “We’re glad you’re all safe and we send lots of purrs that they catch those bad people and you get your things back!”

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