Not That Spooky Sunday Selfies

Well, we have to fire petcretary; at least we would if it was all about the camera thing…since she did not even use it this week. Excuses? Too busy, too cloudy, too rainy and all those lame ones we hear all the time…though it has been cloudy or rainy quite a lot.

Good thing we have some in the backup/archives to rely on. At least they don’t give complaints/excuses.

Having done our grumbling, we did have some seasonal pictures made last week…we don’t do spooky, just the fun cute things. We don’t even get little trick or treaters at our den, so at least we won’t worry about intruders and doorbell ringers.

Am I supposed to be looking serious, petcretary?


Or maybe I should think about this Halloween thing a bit more, BOL!


Yes! Its supposed to be fun!



I have a not so spooky grin!




She took that silly pumpkin wig off…



Now I am really feeling livelier, and I hope these furneds of mine think so too, do you?


Pipo nestled in the pumkkin basket



My collar makes a sort of good pillow…


And I am comfy here and even in a sun puddle!


But I detect an intruder kitty…


Where did he come from?




And now I have nose ticklers…


Thanks for getting those out of there before I sneezed all over the place, MOL!


Oh no they are back. and *what* is that on my head?


I do believe that petcretary has gone cuckoo…


Sigh…oh well, maybe if I take a nap it will fall off.

Petcretary was quick on the hunt this week, too…and therefore she won the Tuesday Teaser that Teddy challenges us with each week. Our Auntie who passed away back in Dec of 2017, had often gone to New Mexico, so petcretary took advantage of that…as she often talked about all the lovely scenery there. Nothing at all like Michigan, MOL/BOL! Even though she for sure was not early in her arrival there, no one else had come up with the right guess, so hooray for her,  she got this great badge:

Thanks for this fun badge, Teddy!

We made a few cards, too:




Together Amber and Pandora shared a birthday post, though they had birthdays in different months, due to circumstances in their furmily they decided to have a joint pawrty! The more the merrier, right??!


We may not be here next week, Sunday; petcretary is going to visit our auntie, (her sister) and several of her cousins, they have decided to keep this annual gathering in November in honor of their late Auntie Arendina…so…we may not be here at all, or we may post a guest selfie in our stead, it depends on how much time petcretary can scramble together…

We are hopping along in the spooky or not so spooky Sunday Selfies, Hosted by The Kitties Blue.


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4 thoughts on “Not That Spooky Sunday Selfies

  1. Meow meow Dalton yore THE most adoorabill punkin poochie mee has EFURR seen! Truelee!
    An Pipo yore xpression of OMC iss purrty evvydent. Yore Petcretary sure likes to take funny,,,umm cute photoss of you! Yore a reel guud sport!
    Happy Halle-ween to all of you. An Miss Ingrid have a pawtastick time with yore furamillee next weekend.
    ***purrsss** an *paw patsss* BellaDharma

  2. that is a super pawsome howloween clawstume… we love it… and I bet you will be the eyecatcher when you go out for treats this wednesday ;O))) btw: you can buy the teaflowers at amazon, they are really interesting and the tea is not bad… at least better than the taste of the cake the mama made…

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