Tocktober Sort Of Selfies

What a strange week, at least as far as the weather and its elements go. We had sunshine, thick clouds, nice balmy days, and then a heavy frost of 25F; thunderstorms, high winds, and sleet, and even hail. The hail happened during the MSU/UofM Football game, so here, being Wolverine fans, we said oh look hail! ‘Hail to the victors!’…but the game had to be halted for way over an hour, due to the bad lightening. (And our team did win…Go Blue!)

So our patio planters and anything in the garden is now a frozen mushy mess. All the leaves from the black walnut tree fell off all at once onto the lawn, it looked like a green and brown blanket…and the catalpa tree in the back did the same. The catalpa leaves looked like greeish leaf pancakes, MOL/BOL! Today there were lots of branches down, too from the high winds. Before the frost petcretary had to fix a planter that the wind had grabbed and knocked down. And petcretary was amazed because that has never happened before. Pawppy had to help to get it upright, its that heavy. So we can only barely imagine the wind’s destructive forces from that nasty and awful Hurricane Micheal. Our thoughts and pawyers are with those affected.

Petcretary wanted to clean  up the yard and patio garden today, but the weather did not allow it…so well, that job will wait as it will not run away, MOL!

So instead of cleaning up the yard and garden, petcretary went to the pet store to buy some Dalton noms…and he went along! And well, there was another adoption event going on there. Dalton whined and pulled to see the furry wee ones…there were three puppies, and more than a few kitties, including a meezer mix. Petcretary chatted with the peeps for a bit, then pulled away to resist the strong urge to call pawppy to see if we could have another furry rescued one…but for us, this is not a good time for all kinds of reasons. So we will just stay with wee Dalton and good old Pipo:)

Later, both unfurbros came to watch the football game and enjoy a good meal afterwards. Petcretary fixed salmon, with roasted veggies, a salad and some homemade salsa. That salsa woke up the taste buds, MOL/BOL! She used tomatoes and peppers that she had harvested from the garden just before the frost, phew! Then they had berries with a Greek yogurt sauce for afterwards…since we don’t eat heavy or traditional desserts like pie or cake anymore…Yummy! Dalton and Pipo both came to check out what those yummy aromas were…

So now we had to dig in the files, and we found some tocks to show you:

Sideways Tocks


*The* Tocks


Hey, I feel someone is watching my Tocks…


Who said you could peek at my Tocks?


Well, since I have the attention span of a flea, I will just forget about peeps looking at my tocks, because digging is way more fun!


Sideways Tocks, again…


That’s all you’re going to see of *my* Tocks!!
My Tocks are sort of in hiding…


But now they can better be noted…


Half of my Tocks, MOL!


A better view of the half Tocks…


OOOOOH! Tocks!


I feel too many eyes upon my Tocks!
So I will just swagger off…and therefore these Tocks are blurry, MOL!


 We made a card for Einstein and Timmy.


And Dakota had a Gotcha Day, too! And Caren, his Mom, had her own special day. Click on this caption to visit/send your greetings there:)
We are not spooky…yet…but we are hopping, in the Sunday Selfies Weekly Feature, Hosted by The Kitties Blue


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5 thoughts on “Tocktober Sort Of Selfies

  1. Meow meow iss it okay fore mee to say you both have cute tockss??Mee nevurr mee-yowed like this bee-fore Dalton an Pipo….Dalton yore so handsum an Pipo yore a ree-gal king…..
    An mee an LadyMummy sorta hoped thee part Meexer wuud find itss’ way home with Petcretary, MOL!
    Butt wee understand it not thee rite time….
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

  2. that was a super idea to buy some Dalton nom’s instead to work in da garden… we have a rare real fall day today, by now it was way too hot outside… but we hope that fall is there now… naah it isn’t the weather guy promised the next sun-challenge for the week …sigh…

  3. This is our reaction to working in the garden, bleh! Although the kitties love to play in the leaves. Yes, we will leave the garden work for another day! Thanks for showing us your tocks!

  4. We’ve never heard of a catalpa tree befur. So we googled it. That’s really cool and very purretty. ‘Course, we think ya’ll are the bestest lookin’ things on the page. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

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