Rain Rain Go Away Selfie Sunday

Yup, its wet & rainy. Off & on the whole past week. Which means even though the sun showed up a wee bit, mostly it was when petcretary wasn’t able to help us take our picture. Sheesh. She runs up more excuses…MOL!

Anypaws, it did rain most of yesterday and this morning it was misty and cloudy. Not good for selfies.

In spite of the wet days, the Wolverines, who we root for at this den, well they dodged the rain and thunderstorms and after a delayed start, they Won!!  (Sorry to you Terrapin Fans…) Go Blue!

I, Pipo am pawing the window cause there are furred and feathered visitors to the seeds and suet and peanuts…and mealworms, Yuck! Not the visitors, the mealworms, MOL!

I, Dalton am hiding in my doggy cave, cause pawppy is nearby and for some reason I am still very wary of him…even though he is the one who delivers my noms. My pawrents wonder if I evfur will trust pawppy…of course sometimes petcretary will sit on the floor and I love that…but pawppy nevfur sits on the floor…well, petcretary says he can’t. (He has one of those bionic hip joints…I wonder who got to gnaw on the one they took out?) So I do sometimes give him a sniff when I walk past him in his chair at the table, and I might even let him scritch my chin:) But cuddles? Not ready for that! Yet…but…when unfurbro-the-elder came over today, I went right up to him…before I ran off to watch from the distance for safety…

So we are going to show you some other more close up selfies we made when we were doing that red stuff for Madi…is this a flashback??

We guess petcretary helped us make a ton, BOL/MOL!

She still has some guest selfies to show you from her time at those pretty gardens last August, but she will save those for some other time.


Petcretary says she should have saved these selfies till Christmas, MOL!

Of course no week hardly goes by that we do not help petcretary to make cards for others. No exception this week…



Speedy, he celebrated Number Seven!



We are hopping in the Sunday Selfies Collection, Hosted Each week by The Kitties Blue


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8 thoughts on “Rain Rain Go Away Selfie Sunday

  1. Hi Pipo. Glad to hear you have great critters to watch my friend.
    Dalton I don’t know what that is my woofie but we think you will warm to Pawppy in another year. We will send some purrs to help you relax Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    Your friends Timmy and Family

  2. The pains and issues of the world and weather fade when there is feather and fur to chase and chew, MOL
    Anyways, we love your selfies this week, and think red is really a great colour for you, especially as Christmas is drawing near!
    Toodle pips

  3. Yore red selfiess are lovelee Pipo an Dalton!! LadyMum sayss shee LOVESS yore red monkey Dalton…shee has a ‘thing’ about stuffed monkeyss! (That wuud bee a great name fore a rock band rite?)

    An Miss Ingrid yore cards are beeuteefull as efurr!
    ***paw patsss***BellaDharma

  4. Sorry ya’ll be gettin’ so much rain. We get it all the time too. Not sure why ya’ can’t take good selfies in it. Ya’ll be lookin’ great to us. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

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