Wow, this week went super fast!

And Sunday slipped away from us so we are posting our selfies late again..but at least not as late as last time, MOL/BOL!

Not much to report since our very late posting last week…

The hot weather has receded into the crisp days of autumn. It was lovely and mild over the weekend, even though the nights went down into the lower 40’s. The windows have been open! Hooray for fresh air!

All of petcretary’s dahlias and some of her other patio pots were keeled over Friday from the high wind gusts we were having as the weather system to cool us off moved through. She was able  to stake the tomato pots to prevent their demise…and the dahlia pots were re-homed to shelter them hopefully from more disasters. They seem to be not too worse for their misadventures. Our pineapple sage finally is putting out blooms, a wee bit late, sheesh!

On Thursday this week, Dalton will dogabrate his first gotcha Day anniversary  with us:)

There won’t be a separate post, as petcretary has to work, and she will be gone all day Wed, and Fri., doing not doggy or kitty things.

So we will have a bit of a remembering that day here, today:)

I looked up and was wondering if that lady was going to be my new mommy.
But she had another dog with her?
So I was trying to do my best to be cute and handsome.
And I tried to be nonchalant with *that* way bigger than me doggy.
The very first furmily picture with Dalton from 9-27-2017; taken on a cell phone by the rescue lady. Her rescue group’s FB Web page is here
My first picture at my new forever home. I feel a wee bit uncertain…
This is a comfy bed for ME?
Thank you!!
Lots of toys and chew things here, too!
This is such a soft comfy cozy nest of a bed!
I do believe I am going to be living and loving the life here!
One of my first selfies from Michigan…I am an ex-Texan, BOL!
Outside the next morning…checking each other out…
Happy Gotcha Day to me!!
Petcretary forgot to add this great card from Marv when I had my birthday…oopsie!
Pipo got ‘photo-shopped!
Petcretary is trying to learn some new techniques on her program…
Here is yet another attempt to make a bad picture better:)

We helped petcretary make some more cards for others.

Joanie and Sammy had a birthday!
Micah had a combined Gotcha/Birthday.
Ruska from CatioTales went to live at the RB, recently…
We are hopping with all the selfies at The Kitties Blue who are the hosts of this weekly feature.

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