Sunday Selfies, that became Wednesday Selfies…Aarrggghhhhh!

Yup, petcretary just could not get with it this week…but she did try to help us make some selfies.

She was spending hours helping us make cards for others, and not a few of them were for new angel furs, that is always so sad, isn’t it. So we like to send them memento cards, its our way of sending love to help comfort them just a teeny wee bit.

She also had to help some movers who came into our den to take out the big organ we had in the dining room…unfurbro-the-elder didn’t want to play it anymore, and petcretary doesn’t know how, so we gave it to a young man who is taking lessons, and he plays for church services so now he can use it to practice at his home, easier than having to always run off to the church…petcretary knows all about that, from days gone by when she had to be the taxi for unfurbro-the-elder…MOL!

This is how things looked  before this organ was gifted to a deserving young organ student, we hope he does well and maybe we might even hear him give a concert?!

Now its all bare…not for long though!

Its been quite hot and humid again, thank fully we can be comfy in the AC. What a a blessing *that* is!

And we had house and yard guard duty for a whole day, while we were abandoned  as the pawrents went to a baseball game…the Detroit Tigers against the Houston Astros…well, our Tigers are not the most ferocious Tigers of late, so they lost, but it was still a good and fun game…and a nice outing for our pawrents, they don’t often go out like that!

I guess we have to furgive them for not getting our selfies up soon enough, MOL!

Here we are:

Will *she* never stop waking me up from my delicious sunpuddle naps??

She woke me up too…

So here is my half awake selfie!

Well, since by now its already Wednesday…that means something else is on the books:
Its Sept 19th! Talk Like A Pirate Day!
Now for the load of cards we have to show you this week.


Those were our ‘happy occasion’ cards, but petcretary had to help us make some memorial cards, too. So much sadness in the blogosphere of late…


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5 thoughts on “Sunday Selfies, that became Wednesday Selfies…Aarrggghhhhh!

  1. Those are all beautiful cards that the petcretary made for everyone. Your selfies are lovely too.

  2. The cards for our angel friends are beautiful.
    You are great pirates ! Happy Meow Like a Pirate Day ! Purrs

  3. MEEOW Miss Petcretary you sue DID have a busy week…so many cats left. Lady Meowy red me all THE names an she said it all started after me angel Uncle Siddhartha Henry lefted. Mee is sad fore all the Hu’manss without their beeloved 4 leggeds. Lady Meowy says she taked Milita’s leevin the hardest as shee looked so much like angel Aunty Nylablue……
    Pipo yore THE HANDSUMEST man cat mee has EFURR seen! **swoons**
    ….a while later……. Dalton yore cute as a button!!!
    **purrsss** BellaDharma an {{hugs}} Lady Meowy

  4. You two are so adorable, Dalton and Pipo💗 It sure was a hard time for everyone to learn about another bunch of losses in bloggieland😿Don’t let your petcretary work to hard, she needs her rest in time! Pawkisses for a Happy Week ahead 🐾😽💞

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