Selfies Upon The End Of A Time Of Relaxing And Visiting

Our own flowers did their best to welcome our visitors!
What? You are going to leave me all day?


That makes me feel sad…
Really sad…
Sigh…I have to do that Yard Guard Duty all day long…Varmints beware!

Petcretary had some good times earlier this past week…her friends from Ontario, Canada came to visit, but they didn’t come into the house to stay, instead, they took her in their car to go on some day trips.

They went to Frederik Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids, MI,   and also to the Gilmore Car Museum, in Hickory Corners, MI.

Lots to see and do in both places. The weather was warm, but not unbearably so. Breezes were helpful, and there was plenty of shade too.

In the Japanese Garden

They saw loads of blooms, and other wonderful outdoor things at the Gardens…and they had to leave before they had even seen all of it…so that means another visit might be in the future! Plants and blooms she had not evfur seen before, even, because there were also indoor greenhouse displays. This gardens is under a phase of expansion, so if she goes again there will be that much more to explore! Its about  a hours drive from here, give or take…

Burmese Fishtail Palm  ~  DO NOT eat/touch the fruits unless you want itching, burning skin…Yikes!

The sculptures in the foreground sway and turn in breezes.

A peaceful image, and a delight to the eye!

This yard of sunflowers in the farm section make petcretary’s few look paltry…

Another peaceful watery scene

In a tunnel of green vines. Imagine if they were in bloom?!

The car museum is about in our back pocket! And she has not evfur been there before! Go figure.

Just one building of many, housing cars and other vehicles of all kinds. The largest Vintage Car Museum in North America!

Lots of cars, from way back when to the present. Once weekly in summer months, they have a cruise in, and anyone with cars of vintage nature can come. They even have a car festival.

Petcretary’s friend is thinking about the former grand days of ‘driving in style’!

Petcretary started taking pictures of the cars that appealed to her, but pretty soon she was suffering from Car Overload! MOL/BOL! So she stopped, preferring just to enjoy the vehicles and reading about them…and sitting in shady spots to rest and chat with her friends…and partaking of a meal together.

They did that in Grand Rapids, too…sharing a meal together…its always a good way to stop and relax and reconnect over a good meal.

Petcretary’s friends, Barb & John with their younger son, Micheal.

I am so glad you are home again!
So glad, that this is my ‘happy me selfie’!

If we have been lax in visiting your blog(s), pawlease forgive us, its the petcretary’s fault! She is so far behind, maybe she should just pick up from right now else she will remain bogged down and drown in all the missed posts, and we do not need that:)

She had days off and she left me to watch out the window all day for her return..
What nerve…but…
At least that pesky scare-dy pup is outside…MOL! So I made a good selfie to catabrate my king of the castle for a day selfie!

We made some more cards for others this week, too:

This sweet trio from Manx Mnews had their 14th Gotcha Day!






Astrid & Lisbeth turned seven!

Petcretary helped a lot of various creatures take selfies, we will show those to you on future posts…else this post would be gigantic!!



2 thoughts on “Selfies Upon The End Of A Time Of Relaxing And Visiting

  1. Those are lovely photos of the places Petcretary went to with her visiting friends. I am glad they all had a lovely time.
    Your selfies are lovely too as are the pretty cards you made.

  2. Mee-yow wow those gardens are luvley Petcretary. An thee waterfallss lookss so kewl an luvley! An all thee old carss are amazin…..funny lookin butt amazin!
    An Dalton yur ‘sad’ selfiess are priceless! LadyMum said if you lived with her an did them facess shee wood not bee abull to leeve you, mew mew mew….mee iss goin to study yur fotoss’! 😉
    An Pipo yur lookin toe-tallee like thee King of yur Cassel; no doubt about that!!! As for thee fallin bee-hind at leest yur petcretary doess cardss fur otherss…..LadyMum not even abull to do that. An if wee try to catch-uppy wee will bee back inn june sumwhere, mew mew mew…..
    ***nose rubsss*** Purrince Siddhartha xXXx

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