Sunday Selfies And Lots Of Post Independence Day Fun



A10 & MustangTF51D in a heritage flight

The ‘Redline’

Canadian Harvard Acrobatic Team

Oops, the Redliners got in here somehow, LOL!


F18 Hornet

Balloons galore!

Those balloons you saw were doing what is called ‘The Balloon Illume’. We did not see any regular flying balloons this year as we were not in the vicinity of the launches,and we were not at the airfield  when there were ‘fly-ins’, on account of the  heat.

The sunsets we saw were amazing:

There were some planets we could see before the stars ‘came out’…however we are not sure which ones they were, MOL/BOL!

And yes there were fireworks, too…from airplanes:

There were the ‘real’ fireworks, too. Spectacular and loud of course!

Here is a link to a video, I cannot post it here…

This is not a ‘professional video’, there is much background noise, and

sometimes its out of focus, but it still is fun to watch. (14minutes if you have the time.)


And now its time for us!!

Remember, Pipo’s are recycles/backflashes, MOL!


She thinks I am going to give good pictures today…

Bwahahaha, I will tell her!

This is what I told her: Pfbtttt!


Well, I did give a good selfie if I say so myself!


 We made cards, too…but of course!

JJ, Julie & Georgia
Siddhartha Henry
We are hopping our festive selfies over to The Kitties Blue who are the hosts of this fun weekly feature


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4 thoughts on “Sunday Selfies And Lots Of Post Independence Day Fun

  1. doodz !!!!! what a epic lee awesum post two day… selfeez rock, de cardz rock N de fotoz petcretarry getted ROCK !!!!!! thiz izza fun fun post…thanx all sew for sharin de link; we will sneek over ther N haza look see ~~~~~ 🙂 ♥♥

  2. Mee-yow mee nevurr seen so many fancy planess efurr Pipo an Minko an Lady Ingrid! LadyMum sayss shee wantss to go fur a ride onn thee OSPREY hellycoptur!! Shee LUVSS hellycopturss.
    Pipo an Dalton you both look so festive inn yur 4th of July dress uppy!
    Fankss you so much fur mee Birthday card all so. Yur all so sweet!
    ~~~head rubsss~~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~

  3. Wow ! Wonderful parade, thank you for sharing those amazing pictures ! You all look very festive, we’re glad you had great time and a great celebration ! Purrs

  4. Great fotos. Our favorites tho’, were the ones of ya’ll. That must be really neat to be able to go and see all that. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

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