Dominating! Yup, Selfie Sunday Dominates Around Here Each Week!

For sure! It is a crazy way to start each week around here, but we do the selfies cause its fun!

But seriously now…Today is June 24th and it has become known as Cat World Domination Day. Its actually the day that that Furmouse Kitty, (Angel)Sparkle was born, and so its in her honor that we catabrate this domination each year. Visit her furmily’s blog here.

Do I, Pipo dominate? You betcha! I have to cause there are dogs living here, and they have to know that I rule them, MOL! MJF used to sit and wait until the path was clear, else he might have gotten a whap or a swat on his schnooter. In fact sometimes for no reason I dealt those out to him just to keep him inline, MOL, MOL!

Dalton is petrified of me too…I have only to show up and he freezes! Though in all honesty I have not whapped him nearly as much as I did MJF,  Tee-Hee!  Last week when I was trying to saunter back to my house, in the grass, he was bouncing all around me…he was too wimpy to do anything else…he play bowed and I ignored him…he barked me and I just turned my head the other way…I did not let him lord it over me…cause I Pipo am the dominating one…

Ok, well, now you all want to see me, right? OK. pardon the less than ideal focus, or lighting, I make petcretary work for all the selfies I help her with, MOL! Maybe one day I will allow better ones:)

A crazy

Well, here’s that dude who tried to dominate me…but he didn’t dare, sheesh he even play-bowed me, as if…

I am catching my breath after all those zoomies around Pipo. Sheesh, even outside I cannot control that kitty…
Nevertheless, I am a happy pup, especially when I am outside.
And we once again helped petcretary make some cards:
Calista Jo
Summer is the sisfur of AngelSparkle, after whom this day was established…but really I think we kitties dominate the world all the time, MOL!
We are joining the Cat World Domination Sunday Selfies Blog Hop, Hosted By The Kitties Blue

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6 thoughts on “Dominating! Yup, Selfie Sunday Dominates Around Here Each Week!

  1. Mee-you Pipo OF COURSE you dommynate…yur a MANKAt!!! An mee reememburrss how you whapped MJF a lot….
    An Dalton iss wise to bee wary….mind you Pipo him ~~play bowin~~ to you PROVESS hee KNOWSS YUR THEE BOSS! So hee reelly ISS a clevurr doggie! 😉
    Both of you tooked furabulss selfiess an yur cardss are luvley purr usual.
    Wishin all of youss’ there a sunny wunderfull week.
    ~~head rubsss~~ Siddhartha Henry~~

  2. dalton….oh kay sure yur kewl N all bee in a d.a.w.g., but pipo iz rite…him roolz…him all wayz will….itz cat thing buddy….nothin purrson ull !!!!!! grate selfezz thiz week N cardz two…petcretarry’z gettin soooper grate at her new program !! ☺☺♥♥

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